The Influence Of Love And Tragedy In Romeo And Julieta

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The influence of love and tragedy in Romeo and Julieta


A love and tragedy story, of rules and disappointments, written in the year of 1595 by William Shakespeare, the genre in which the work is focused is dramatic and the subgenre is the tragedy. Now, what is tragedy? The tragedy is a "dramatic work of a serious matter in which noble or illustrious characters intervene and in which the protagonist is conducted, by a passion or by fatality, to a dire outcome". The themes that highlight in the work are tragedy, and friendship. 

In friendship, it can be said that "it is a relationship of affection, sympathy and trust that is established between people who are not family". Another topic that is mentioned in the whole work is love, it is not the most important topic, but if it is mentioned a lot, which means “feeling of living affection and inclination towards a person or thing that everything good is desired”. All these issues are important, since the behaviors and actions of the characters revolve around them.


In this work the subject that was most highlighted is the tragedy, because if it is observed at the end of the work, the greatest misfortune of all passes, which is the death of Romeo and Julieta and the cause of death was due to the prohibition of its parents when they love each other because they did not let them be together, since their families were rivals: they could not be together. Julieta planned something with Fray Lorenzo: it was that he would take a bottle of a liquid so that her family thought she was dead and would send a letter to Romeo to find out that all that was a plan, but unfortunately that letter never arrived, since it could not be sent. Then Romeo learned in a very tragic way that his wife’s wife had died. Minutes later, Julieta wakes up and sees Romeo’s dead side, she kisses him for the last time and is killed with the dagum that Romeo had in her pocket. This is how both die, for the prohibition of their parents by not letting them be together.

When talking about love between them, it is said that it is a love at first sight, a forbidden love, a love of children, since they fell in love with a few years, Julieta with thirteen years of age and Romeo with sixteen. Not only fall in love, but also get married, and all this happened in a week. Love at first glance occurs when the capulet organizes a party so that her daughter can find her future husband and marry. At that party, Romeo arrives with her cousin in search of distraction, he did not expect to find something, but just seeing Julieta he fell in love with her immediately, and from that moment Romeo and Juliet loved each other. Another point where we can see the love between Romeo and Julieta is the forbidden love they both had, since the capulet and the Montesco learned that their children were in love with each That’s when Romeo and Julieta begin to see each other in hidden, such as when Romeo enters Juliet’s balcony just to see her, or when Julieta escapes with the help of her nurse so she could marry Romeo.

Friendship is an important factor in the work such as all the help that the nurse gave Julieta, since this was just a girl, but she could do almost everything with her help reflects the love and friendship that between They also had the confidence between them two of the time Julieta and the nurse spoke and Julieta told him about the love he had towards Romeo unfortunately the son of his family’s rivals. The nurse had a lot of love towards Julieta; She was the one who helped Romeo and Julieta marry, since she helped Julieta escape from the house so that they managed to marry Julieta to send notes to Romeo to inform her what was going to happen, you can see the Friendships that Romeo had, for example, his cousin, his cousin helped him in many ways, for example, he was with the love his cousin had always there for him when he necessary. Friendship looks reflected in almost all the work, since friends or people close to them knew what they were in and still helped them at all times and when they needed it more.

One of the dramas of the work is all the fights that the Capulet and the Montesco had, even in the first part of the work a fight of the families and a fight of Romeo and Teobaldo, since all they wanted was to separate their Families resulted in a fight between them, while they continued fighting Romeo’s parents and Juliet’s parents too, and after all this comes the prince that announces that he is already tired of these fights between these two families and for that same Reason creates a new law that is the death penalty for the first person who occurs to him to start the fight.

Another reflected act is how the Montesco infiltrate the party of the Capulet And Julieta, another of the problems in which Romeo risked was when Julieta did not get out of the mind, she decided to get away from Mercucio and Benvolio, Romeo risking her life Scale the wall of the capulet to see her again.

Teobaldo challenges a duel, but instead of finding Romeo he is located at Mercucio and Benvolio and they begin to discuss Romeo and for the Teobaldo discussion he challenges Romeo to a duel, but Romeo rejects the proposal of Teobaldo and Teobaldo begins To insult, merk that does not endure the insults of a capuet. Teobaldo returns everything proud to challenge Romeo again, but this time he who died was Teobaldo, Benvolio realizes that the prince is arriving and tells Romeo to escape because they can condemn him to death, but the prince does not condemn him to death, but tells him that he has to leave the city and not return anymore, another and last of the Montesco’s fights with the Capulet.

One of the last points in which it is also very important and how it helps Romeo and Julieta is Fray Lorenzo a character that helped all this pass between them the first thing he does is that the houses, second confesses Julieta, the Help with the liquid bottle to fall asleep three days and do not marry Count Paris, helps Romeo at all times even though I did not agree with them two, but it was better to help them, he realized that despite the fact that the two families were rivals, he thought that when the families were married they would no longer be as rival as they were always. Fray Lorenzo’s intention in the work is good. With the participation of Fray Lorenzo he leaves a good message that is to help at all times.

The work focuses on many very interesting issues and data for life. One of them is love and friendship two of the most important things that people must have in their lives the love that is reflected towards other people and friendship that you can have and rebuild in order to have a good life.


With the tragedy it is implied that these simple words can happen many things in our lives good or bad things that we only cause ourselves as in the work many things happen for just being rivals, things happen from which they could avoid if only not There were so many fights the death of their children and the lies they said only so that they would not scold them for being with the person they loved, they leave a very beautiful message and as people can improve in our life if we are not resentful people and move on Always with our effort and with the help of the people who love us, which is true love. 

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