Summary Of My Sister Carrie

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Summary of my sister Carrie


Plot: everything starts in the city of Columbia City in Winsconsin in August 1889. We find a young Caroline Weeber or also called lane, with 18 years about boarding a train to Chicago in search of new opportunities, leaving everything behind. In the car has an encounter with HCs H. Drouet, a man who tries. 


Carrie, arrives in Chicago and meets her sister, with whom she will live in a small home in a working area with her sister and her son. Seeing reality he knew that he had to become independent to see Drouet. Before his enthusiasm to get a fast job and with the indications that his brother -in. However, getting a job in Chicago is not easy if you don’t have any experience, much less get one with a good pay. 

He consulted for employment in different commercial firms, but his non -existent labor registry did not support it. He went to the department stores and still could not find a job in their conditions. Finally, after a long day he finds a small caps manufacture for children that required employees, but when entering he observes that these are confined and in a dirty environment. However, they manage to offer a job for 3.5 dollars, which was not expected by her. 

Already arriving at the tram station for returning to her sister’s house she meets a footwear warehouse where they inform her that there could be a job for her in another area. When referred to, he finds the person in charge of who offers him a job with a payment of 4.5 dollars a week, it still was not expected, but still took it to the fact that the conditions were more favorable. Carrie retires from the place feeling positive and manages to see the world in another way, with this it is allowed to dream of a better life where she would be happy in Chicago. 

Characters: Caroline Meeber, Carrie: The protagonist, who undertakes a trip to get better opportunities in Chicago with just 18 years. Minnie Hanson: Caroline’s sister, she is 27 years old she is married to Sven Hanson, she has a son and is a housewife. Sven Hanson: Minnie’s husband and has a son with her, has a Swedish offspring and works in a meat warehouse. H. Drouet: A young man who works in a commercial firm in Chicago, is a figure of realization as a person.


MESSAGE OF THE HISTORY: Show that the Americans were in search of opportunities that made them grow and become independent, managing to start the idea that is called "the American dream". Which began by the industrialization that consumerism would bring. In addition, the labor deplorable conditions were shown by which unions are created. Finally the perseverance of the Americans to pursue their dreams.  

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