Some Curiosities About Nelson Mandela

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Some curiosities about Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela was a man whom, 27 years in prison they did not break his faith, his good values and his human warmth. He was born in Mvzeo, a village located in southern South Africa where he had a happy childhood listening to stories from his people when he was free before the arrival of whites. He entered the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg), where he graduated in 1942 as a lawyer. An organization that carried out peaceful campaigns against discrimination and exploitation suffered by South African blacks in being part of the CNA (African National Congress). 


After a year he founded the Youth League and organized protests against racial segregation in which the supremacy of the white man called "Apartheid" was imposed, Mandela’s name began to be heard more and more, meanwhile the government repressed with blood and blood andViolence to the Protestants and wanted to end resistance from the root CNA so they illegalized the party taking Mandela and the rest of the activists to resort to an armed struggle. In 1962 he was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of conspiracy against the government, among others. Thus spent the next 27 years in precarious conditions.

With the right to visits and letters every six months, in 1969 the South African Secret Service organized its murder within the same jail where they would pretend an attempt to escape in which it would be killed, an operation that was not given thanks to an agent of the British Intelligence Service. Even in jail, his fight was not, he was still a symbol of resistance to the people, his name was still hearing more and more and the fight against apartheid did not stop. Starting the 90 ′, the government of moderate president Frederik de Klerk in the face of internal and international pressure decided to release Nelson Mandela.

And three months after his release, he was chosen to lead the CNA, a year after his release, they overthrew the “apartheid”, so a year later, in 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and since then he fought forDemocracy and thus got the first democratic elections in South Africa with him as the winner, becoming the first black president of South Africa. During his term he did nothing but work to continue establishing democracy in a country where violence and discrimination dominated for many years.

Nelson Mandela’s life and work serves as an example for many nations and people who seek or try to lead a struggle against slavery, thus demonstrating the power of the people, sublimated by a government which wants to impose its regime and their ownMandates. In relation to peace, Nelson Mandela, managed to impose peace on a State which was based on the regime and power of whites, trying, in the most peaceful way possible, an agreement in which the people who own their ownnation, had the same rights that whites had, so that equality was achieved.


He took the most important step so that not only in his nation, but in the rest of the world, he ended an era in which people saw blacks as beings that also had the same freedoms and rights as any other, ofsuch a way that everyone would be seen equally. His work is so prominent for the fact that the freedom of a people was achieved without the need to use weapons, only a peaceful struggle, where the word predominated, so that a people and the entire world, it would begin to see themselvesTo all equally without discrimination of ethnicity, political party or social class.

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