School And Asthma In Children

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School and asthma in children

At present, teachers and directors are aware of many common childhood diseases and know how to act in each case. School and asthma can go hand in hand through the information and support of the entire educational community.

School and asthma: Are they compatible?

Many parents whose children suffer from asthma they fear for the health of the little ones while they are not by their side such as, for example, at school. Asthmatic attacks are one of the main reasons why children are missing school, however, when the disease is well controlled, it should not be a reason for absenteeism.

Parents and school

The first step we must work is to talk to the GP to create an action plan during an attack. In this way, the child, or the adult in charge (such as, for example, the teacher), will know what medicine she needs to take, in what dose and how often.

A copy of said treatment must be delivered to the school managers and the class teacher or class teacher. In this way, you can act quickly and that there are no dangerous consequences for the student.

At the beginning of the year, parents must meet with the teachers of their asthmatic son and other educational personnel to talk about it. But it is very important that they know the child’s background, if she has the ability to medicate alone, contact phones to communicate in case of an attack, where they should keep the medications and if a relapse can be avoided.

You should also talk about what are the triggers of asthma and among all do your best to reduce or avoid them. Some of them are dust accumulation or that this is suspended in the air (lack of ventilation), animals or pets and very strong cleaning products. It is necessary that there be air conditioning or dehumifiers in the classrooms and, of course, that the environment is free of smoke.

It is essential that all those who are part of the school commit to help the child and, if that is not possible, then the possibility of changing it should be considered.

Controlling an asthmatic crisis at school

All conversation about our child’s asthma may not have to be practiced once in the school year but, just in case, we must be prevented.

As a first measure, the child has to carry with him the famous ‘paf’ or fast relief medication with instantaneous action to open the lungs. Although you can also give the teacher to keep it among the students of value of the students or in the nursing of the school.

When the child is big enough and is used to applying the treatment, it is important to let it do it. This will not depend on anyone if it happens in another situation where there are no suitable people nearby. The teacher also has to stay next to her to assist him if necessary or, at least, so that the company reassures him and helps him recover faster.

School and asthma: Action Decalogue

Unfortunately, children who suffer from school age are increasingly. That is why teachers and directors must be prepared to attend them to a crisis. Some establishments have what is known as the ‘Decalogue of a healthy school for asthmatic children’ whose standards are:

  • Be free of tobacco (even in teachers’ rooms or places where children do not access).
  • Have personnel in charge of attending children with asthma.
  • Have a first aid kit that includes rescue medications.
  • Allow students to carry their own medication and consume it when they need it.
  • Identify asthmatic children.
  • Establish an Action Plan for an asthma crisis in a child.
  • Guarantee the level of hygiene and air quality.
  • Delimit special activities for asthmatic children in gymnastics classes.
  • Conditions that minimize allergens or triggers.
  • Take measures to reduce the effects of pollination



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