Rebellion On The Farm, Review Of The Film

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Rebellion on the farm, Review of the film

In my opinion it is a very good movie since, it makes you understand in a very clear and precise way what is politics and related to it in a very simple way because the issue is very complicated for people who know nothing about it. 

The film begins when the owner of the farm arrives at the stables of the animals very annoying becauseOne of them decides to summon everyone to an assembly. 

In this assembly there is talk that everything they produce has been taken away, stolen and sold and the little ones are only born to go hungry and cold, the farm is rich and never receive their part of the owner’s hands. Then the idea of a revolution arises, the leader who was the pig with more years there, asks them that when they are free do not forget that all the animals are the same. The next morning they revealed and achieved what they planned, fought and won, the farm was now theirs. 

They established their equality laws for all, they went to work very hard and made the fields give good harvest and began to spread the news with other animals, those who had a bad time heard with interest and those who were happy alarmed. But as in everything there is always the person who betrays and does not comply with what was agreed and so it was in this case, the other Napoleon pig was the one who was responsible for disappearing the main leader who was fair and wanted equality for all, now he was the one whoI had the power. Now everyone worked more days and their food rations were reduced only for workers, but not for pigs. 

The pigs began to market what the farm produced and began to prohibit things to the animals, that is, they returned to the same as before, they fought for their freedom, but the pigs now were the ones who had the power to do with them what they wanted andIf they did not agree they killed them. But after all the suffering that the animals passed through their strength and decided to reveal themselves against the pigs and came victorious. AND

It is very clear about the message that this film has today, because it shows us simply as the government or someone who has control of our population can be so unfair, where the most workers receive less and the richest become richerAcosta of the work of others. And equality is not respected, it is there where socialism where nobody has more and nobody has less, but they have no freedom. The difference of us with animals is that we have the ability to think and the necessary education for formanos with our own ideals. 

It should be noted that the author of this book was George Orwell who did a great job.

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