Psychopathy: A Criminal Teastor

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Psychopathy: a criminal teastor

Psychopathy is an antisocial trantor of personality that is characterized by an emotional, emotional instability of the one who suffers it, in most cases it is given due to the lack or lack of empathy, absence of regrets, and act by impulse, which whichprevents them from controlling their desire to harm others.

See the detailed stories of Berrios, 1996;Millon, Simonsen, Birket-Smith and Davis, 1998;McCord and McCord, 1964;Pichot, 1978. Millon et al. The concept has a long historical and clinical tradition and, in the last decade, its existence has been validated by an increasing number of investigations… ” 

Many confuse psychopathy with schizophrenia or depression, since they are considered mental disorders, but they are very different topics, because psychopathy although it is true is a personality disorder, which must be special care.

The personality disorder suffered by psychopaths is produced by three main problems: in relationships with others, they try to manipulate their victims by calling their attention and get what they want, in their affectivity the psychopaths are ignorant but know what they knowWhat they do, become intolerant and do not try to put themselves in the place of other people and especially in the behavior they show, it is an antisocial behavior, they are isolated from their surroundings and they create their own world where they believe they are accepted.

Psychopaths commit impulsive and irresponsible acts for the simple fact of satisfying their need to harm people, ending their lives, they are more enjoying to do so and above all it is a goal that has their distorted mind.

It is said that psychopathy has biological roots, since it is believed that there are failures in the functioning of the amygdala, the organ in charge of emotions, and the prefrontal lobe, which deals with deliberating and executing the action plans.

The functioning of the prefrontal cortex would explain the ignorance of psychopaths to make decisions. Antonio Damasio’s studies show that these individuals become irritable and seem to lose all sense of ethics.

Cleckley proposed that the emotions consequence of the experiences lived by the "primary" type psychopaths are weakened in terms of the intensity with which they are affected. Through experience, emotions and feelings guide and reinforce this learning process, thus building a moral and a system of values.

A clear example of a psychopath is Charles Manson a criminal, sectarian and American amateur musician, known for leading what was known as "the Manson family". He was declared guilty for committing many murders.

The news that filled the covers of newspapers in the United States was the death of actress Sharon Tate, on August 9, 1969, who died from Charles Manson’s own hands. Sharon was the wife of the film director Roman Polashi, who was pregnant when she was brutally stabbed in her belly until she ended her life and that of her baby, along with her four other people died, by followers of the sect known as’ the family’.

In conclusion, the behavior of psychopaths is influenced by their environment, since it is the field where the individual develops. Due to the mental malformations that they suffer, society encourages them to have aggressive behavior, since they try to accept them, but they reject their behavior, for the simple fact of committing crimes for pleasure.

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