Literary Influence Through William Shakespeare’S Works

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Literary influence through William Shakespeare’s works


Within the literary world, a preponderant work entitled Romeo and Julieta granted to the British William Shakespeare is a preeminent and inescapable playwright, actor and poet. Belonging to the Renaissance period in the seventeenth century, when William Shakespeare is alluded to we refer to a bond prosecutor of literature that has become a fundamental part in the medrade of English letters. As for his personal life, it can be mentioned that he was surrounded by comfort, since he belonged to one of the most wealthy families of the time, he also married and became a father at an early age. 


His outstanding influence is due to his theaters cataloged as a timeless classic reliable. In addition, to his written works none has gone unnoticed, because he is widely linked to the events that occurred at the time of this English architect to illustrate in a better way we have Hamlet, King Lear and of his position Romeo and Juliet proclaimed proclaimed theJanuary 29, 1595, which has served as a source of inspiration being adapted to works of theaters transcending until today.

On the other hand, the writing of Romeo and Julieta stands out for their facts related to historical contexts that frames the relevance they possessed for the marked influence immersed within the work, these academs are social, political, loving, and tragic transmitting an unprecedented realism insideOf its plot, being as it belongs to the dramatic genre, since, it recounts the events between the two young protagonists who despite the opposition their families Capuleto and Montesco, decide to fight for their love to the point of marrying in a surreptitious way,However, the pressure of this rivalry and a series of fatalities lead these two young lovers to suicide. 

Similarly, a defined narrator is not presented, since, the shareholders and experiences of the characters are presented through parliaments, implying that it is the architect who tells them, following a structure by acts with a characteristic poetic language ofThe time of its architect becoming essential elements that highlight this work. That said, this dramatic work uniquely highlights events that were rooted in the fatal destiny of the leading characters, becoming the procedures that give rise to the development of this work emblem of literature. 

Being as it revolves around the space where they develop, since, they are exposed to a medium in which it was usual to observe this type of hostilities among weeding families, celebrations of high lineage families, theduels among the princes, who are subordinated to the orders of the monarchy applied by the kings of the time. On the other hand, the most relevant events immersed in this brief is in the city of Verona where two rival families are found between Montesques and Capuletos, which being under the mastery of the King with the same privileges and a socioeconomic level raised, they decideOvercoming in all possible aspects the status of the enemy family, so that their hatred arises from the fact that it maintains the leadership of one kinship before the other that has endured from generation to generation. 

Likewise, we have the allegorical occurrence of this dramatic tragedy, which teaches when Romeo Montesco and Julieta Capuleto are known, the first a handsome young man who transfigures as a lover in love par excellence, being able to die for the love of his life that can be corroboratedThen “Is it a capulet oh, what a high payment price! From now on I am a debtor from my life to an enemy!”(William Shakespeare) and the second a female beauty of a peaceful nature, giving his encounter at the Capulet Family party being absolutely in love, spontaneously emerging a romantic and passionate love, making the decision to marry a rush,since, thus, his love was going to be more difficult to succumb to the struggle that exists among the parentelas. 

Consequently, this fact of disagreement between the two families has led the main characters to a series conflicts, which frame the outcome of this dramatic work, thus being the confrontation that occurs between the capulets and mountains, being the case of TeobaldoCapulet and Romeo Montesco as is corroborated below “is a Montesco;His name is Romeo, and he is an enemy of your family ”(Shakespeare) later Teobaldo killed Romeo’s best friend, merk in a sword fight, persecuted by sneled feelings of hatred against the Montesco family that is exemplified in the next appointment"Weapons that peace had cornered and that your hatred wants to serve" (Shakespeare) in such a way that Romeo’s impetus against Teobaldo unleashes causing his death instantaneously. 

Additionally, you can mention the banishment of Romeo that was subsequently granted from the death of the member of the Capuleto family, where the king takes the resolution to exile him from Verona, given that he performed this atrocious act in self-defense, having to flee towards Mantua. All these occurrences mentioned above, forge the misfortune that occurs between the leading characters, since the opposition between the families leads them to have a hidden romance, caused by the rivalry between the families where it was impossible for a love affairs to arise between thedescendants of the capulets and mountains.

Causing death among the different characters that made part of both families for their honor, for this reason each of these facts greatly influenced the outcome of this work, because to the situations to which I exposed, I force Romeobe away from his beloved. However, the love between him and Julieta was even stronger than the hate barrier among their families, since the youngest of the capulets moved by their feelings decided to pretend his death to escape with his beloved, despite this event he caused the suicide of the suicide of thegood -looking Romeo who could not stand to observe his beloved lying on the ground, making the decision to self-pool. 

Similarly, it happens with the lovely Julieta who decides to follow the path of her beloved after her feigned death, burying a dagger to end her existence. In short, the culmination of this literary tragedy happens at the time when families decideSince it was this abhorrence that somehow produced the tragic suicide of the two young people in love in the cemetery demonstrating subtlely the burial of their hatred, this was how its author William Shakespeare expressed in his work in his work.


In conclusion, Romeo and Julieta has become an omnimous reference of universal literature, for being able to present real facts directly related to the time of its architect, building characters that exalt their content masterfully and uniquely, who were commissionedto denote a realism in all possible aspects as the political, social and religious. In addition, that the human being is moved by his deepest and intimate feelings to achieve their objectives, referring to the love of these lovers Romeo and Juliet who was stronger than any opposition even that of their own families, without thinking that this feeling sovast out competent to disintegrate any hatred with each other. 

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