Literary Genres And The Different Concepts Of This

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Literary genres and the different concepts of this

There are various meanings to define the concept of literary gender within literature. This is why, according to the reading of various authors and theorists, the great discrepancy that exists between them is perceived, due to the numerous definitions and perspectives they have in reference to this term.

Matías Rebolledo in his article "Literary genre and fictional reference", raises the following definition, relying on what is proposed by Gerard Genette: "(…) Gender is the social and literary institution that governs (conventionally) real literary communication (…)”This shows that every written text serves as a basis for a relationship between people and society to exist.

On the other hand, Werner Krauss explains in his book notes on the theory of literary genres (1982) that the theoretician Benedetto Croce denies the existence of literary genres, therefore, for him all existing genres are nothing more than divisions andsubdivisions to classify the writing of the various writers, independent of the genre to which it is awarded:

(…) Benedetto Croce, idol of Italian intellectuals of that time, he came to deny the existence of literary genres. The artistic and poetic vision is one and does not allow divisions and subdivisions that can only respond to the desire to seek any order in the labyrinth of literary history (…)

Tzvetan Todorov in his article "The origin of the genres" is questioned where these come from, in this way he responds to the conclusion that they arise from other genres.

Following Todorov, the genres are types of texts that “at first glance, the answer seems evident: the genres are text classes. But such definition disguises badly, after the plurality of the terms put into play, their tautological character: the genres are classes, the literary is in textual (…) ". This means that any type of text will be a genre, independent of the way it is written, leaving this statement in controversy with what Warner Krauss expresses.

In turn, the literary critic Mikhail Bajtín in his aesthetic book of verbal creation (1982), points out that the literary or discursive genres will depend on the statements and as these are conducted through the language, this would produce an infinityof discursive genres, as expressed in the following appointment:

The richness and diversity of discursive genres is immense, because the possibilities of human activity are inexhaustible and because in each sphere of praxis there is a whole repertoire of discursive genres that differs and grows as the sphere develops and complicates the spheresame.

According to the four definitions delivered by the different exposed theorists, this investigation will not be guided by a particular one, but rather, it will focus on the works analyzed belonging to literary genres, by the mere fact of being a text and beingwithin a context.

From the above, it is proposed that the current genres are made up from the classics that are: epic, lyrical and dramatic. Based on this, the subdivisions that were found within the facsimile works (2015) and Free Theme (2018) of the author Alejandro Zambra and how in turn generate great confusion by the reader at the time of wanting to read them, interpret them and also recognize which literary genre belong.  

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