Literary Critic About Gabriel García Márquez’S Novel

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Literary critic about Gabriel García Márquez’s novel

Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian novelist. He was born in Aracataca on March 6, 1927 and died on April 17, 2014 in Mexico City. He has been the greatest representative of magical realism and the boom of Latin American literature. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 and characterized by the meeting of realistic elements with appearances and fantasy circumstances, he was also interested in the field of cinema, television participating as a screenwriter and sometimes producer.

The incredible and sad story of Cándida Eréndira and her heartless grandmother was published by the author in 1972.History develops in a desert, in the Amadises family. It all begins with Eréndira’s misfortune who was a girl of only 14 years of age who took care of her grandmother was a totally cruel and heartless person, and the mansion in which she lived, she performed all thetrades and chores needed at home and required grandmother. Well, this day of misfortune, when sleeping, Eréndira Leave Lands.

The grandmother when seeing what Eréndira had caused begins to prostitute her so that she is paying the debt she already had for losing everything she possessed and leaving it with nothing. In one of those many men who pass through Latinienda de Eréndira is Ulysses, a young smuggler who instantly is delighted with the young woman and proposes to him and leave that life that leads but nothing works, this makes the grandmother fit her to thebed so that it does not escape.Even Ulysses tries to poison the grandmother but everything was in vain, because nothing attempts at the life of the old woman, nor an attack that is done through a piano through a piano.Finally one day the grandmother gets up something wrong, Eréndira sees her full of ampoules and bruises under the gold vest that the grandmother constantly loaded. Ulysses when he saw her helpless and in order to leave with Eréndira, he attacks her, which ends once and for all with her absolute death, the young woman, seeing that she had finally fought from her misfortune she runs out with the vest and leaves her belovedwithout looking back.

 It is a novel in which the author shows us to the issue of the prostitution of minors in the South American Caribbean although this text was written some years ago, the reality of the situation has not changed much, because these cases can still be observed and the terribleTrafficking from minor children in Colombia and in sister countries, this continues to persist despite national and technological advances, since many young people remain manipulated and subjected by relatives to carry out this type of activities.

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