Linguistic And Social Discrimination

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Linguistic and social discrimination

Linguistic discrimination just like social discrimination is an unfair treatment towards a person because of the way they speak or their way of being. When we talk about linguistic discrimination, it can include another language or other characteristics of people such as accent, the size of their vocabulary and order which implies their prayers, in other words, its syntax. There are currently many cases of linguistic and social discrimination, as well as in many countries of the world in Peru this is a very controversial issue since there are many points of view about the subject.That is why a question is coming to us what happens to the people who are discriminated against? My purpose in this text is to make them known the disgusting life that Peruvians who are discriminated against either.

A large number of Latin Americans lack work, education or some very important health services simply for not speaking Spanish but one of the many indigenous languages that exist in this region, people who speak a different language to Spanish face this linguistic rejection daily, which also involves other aspects of life such as work, health, education and, of course, the social level. People with certain peculiar features, disability or with a different sexual option are many times classified as lower people and that can lead to school expulsion, shopping centers and parks. According to the UN, “the most vulnerable people do not have water services and sometimes they have to travel very long distances to get it, or pay 10 to 20 times more for it compared to their rich neighbors. In addition, the right to water is related to discrimination due to gender, age and social status ”.

At present several languages are disappearing for that need to change their native language by obligation. Without going very far in our country "Speaking as Serrano", in Peru, it can be as shameful as having brown skin or wearing a Quechua surname. In Peru, linguistic discrimination is concentrated in Quechua-speakers and Aymara-speakers, they are the most vulnerable to being discriminated against. According to INEI in 2017, 38% of the Aymara mother -language population has felt mistreated or have been victims of discrimination.

Peru is a worrying case. For example, of the total of Peruvians without access to health, more than 60% speak Quechua, according to the 2007 census, 13% of the Quechua-speaking Peruvian population decide not to convey the language to their descendants for fear of rejection or mockery. Finishing this essay I would like to read a comment by José Cavero Torres, a merchant from the Andean region of Apurímac, who now works in Lima. “As a child I learned that Quechua was not a good thing. My mother said that she was not going to use it in Lima and my dad did not show me for vanity, since he did not accept for any reason that Serrano tells him, and at that time the discrimination was very hard for migrants ”.

Linguistic and social discrimination is a problem that is in our society, if we want to have progress as citizenship and as people we must accept our own culture and languages since each country including Peru has its own entity. We must give the opportunity to people who really need it because they know many things that sudden.


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