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It was a day ago three summers. I thought it would be a normal day, but in the blink of an eye my life changed (literally). It was the day my best friend married, so I wanted me to think I really cared, that’s why I put on my best suit. I combed in the best way I had ever done, I put my best colony and took the car. Upon getting there, everything was planned. We were sitting in our respective banks and chairs, the readers were practicing and the priest/councilor was waiting for everything to start.

The wedding happened without any incident, the bride and groom gave themselves and we went to the banquet offered by the bride and groom. At first we were eating, there was everything. It was a very extensive letter that had all kinds of dishes, from soups to meats, passing some types of fish or vegetables. I was having a great time, there was all kinds of entertainment. At first there were games for the guests, then varied activities and some dared to sing in the bridal karaoke.

After the afternoon of entertainment, dinner came. This, like food, was very varied. You could find salads, fish, eggs and changing a bit of the healthy there were pizzas and hamburgers. The dishes I chose were very good and appetizing, I stayed with a good taste.


After dinner the dance came. First the bride and groom, and then all the guests, we began to dance to the sound of music. The DJ was an expert and knew all the songs they asked for. We danced a little, all musical genres had a place at the party. There were some who did not dance and left the party soon. Others, like me, we were simply dancing some songs and taking something. Already at dawn, we were very few guests. About four in the morning. The music is over because the DJ went home to rest. We were talking and drinking some glasses. And there was my big mistake.

After drinking the glasses, I think we stayed by chatting a while longer. After that I got drunk. Like me, some more were drunk, but they would return home in public transport or with another person driving. To my misfortune that was not my case and I had to go home driving my car. Without other remedy, I had to take the car while drunk. Most of the journey was straight and, in addition, I knew it quite well. But being drunk, and even knowing things very well, you never know what is going to happen.

In the first sections, the only thing that presented me difficulties, was the parking lot. I was twenty minutes trying to get the car out of the parking lot, since when I arrived, the best parking sites were already busy and I had to settle for a square that was in a small slope. To get the car I had to do some maneuvers that I don’t remember very well.

In the second section I avoided entering the highway so as not to cause any incident and instead of going for it, I took a conventional road of a lane in the direction. As expected, there was almost no car circulating along the road so high at night. The road was very irregular. It was difficult to distinguish the objects I saw pass. But in this section I managed to wear the car well.

The third and last section was the worst. I had continued on the conventional road until it reached a bifurcation. I had to stop and think about what would take me home. My mind worked fatal. It took me like a quarter of an hour to find which one would take me to my home. I took the right path. I circulated for him for a while. Suddenly the car lights went out. I thought nothing would happen and that I could continue. But shortly after I felt a light that dazzled me and then I felt that I started to go around and turns. I thought I was dying and that those were the laps of my life.

I don’t know how long it would happen, but in the end I woke up. I looked around and at first I couldn’t recognize anything. Subsequently, I realized that I was in a hospital room. After a few minutes, a doctor appeared there. He told me that he had been admitted for a week. Had been in a coma for seven days for a cerebral contusion. In addition to that, he had one leg and both broken arms.

After this a policeman appeared and told me what he had done. Apparently I hit a truck that night. The bumper and truck chassis were damaged, but my car was fired in the direction of the landscape. In addition, he told me that the truck driver stayed in a state of shock and that I was drunk.

The first days in the hospital I was in bed resting. All I could do was watch television because I couldn’t interact with anything. I spent the whole days watching television or watching out the window, since doctors told me that I couldn’t move or use my hands. Already a few weeks I recovered from the breaks and I could walk again. The doctors told me that I had been very lucky, because most people suffering from these accidents end up dead or in a wheelchair. I was going around the hospital without any goal, I just wanted to walk.

Finally, I woke up a morning and a doctor came to my room. He gave me my suit and discharged me. I thought I was going to my house, because I had almost forgotten the accident. But when I left the room, there were two policemen waiting for me. The police took me and handcuffed me. Then we went down to the garage where there was a patrol car. We set up in it and take a course that was unknown to me.

I asked the police where we were going, but nothing answered me. I was restless to know where we were going. I thought that maybe they took me home, because I had taken my driving card, but I realized that we were in the direction contrary to my floor. The journey was very distressing, because there was a sepulchral silence in the car and tension was breathed in the environment. I had the feeling that nothing good expected me.

In the end we arrive at a fairly large police station. As soon as the two policemen were talking to a man who wore a suit. They spent a while talking to them and occasionally looked at me with the corner of the eye. After a good time they took me and climbed to the upper floor. There we arrived at a room where they made me tell everything that happened. I started telling about the wedding, then I told you what happened on the way and finally talked about the accident.

They had me in a waiting room about an hour. Then came the man suited and told me that he would be in a dungeon, until he passed by court. I was about three weeks in a small dungeon, where there was only a small window with bars for which sometimes a little bird was sneaking. There was only an uncomfortable bed for a weak table to eat.

One day two police arrived, they took me out and took me to a car similar to that of the previous time. We arrived at the courts, where they sat me in a chair next to a man who did not believe I had seen in my life and in front of a judge. Shortly before the trial began, a man arrived and told me that he would be my lawyer. After this, the trial began. First the Lord spoke who was sitting beside me in another chair. He said that I had appeared out of nowhere doing a zigzag in the opposite direction. I deduced that it was the truck driver who hit myself that night.

Then it was the turn of my intervention. My lawyer told me to tell the truth, because the evidence was conclusive and lying would only bring problems. So, paying attention to my lawyer, I told everything that happened that day. After the judges and lawyers were talking for a while, the judge hit a hammer and said he would be sentenced to nine months in jail for drunk driving and cause damage to public roads. He also added that I had been removed three months in jail for telling the truth and not showing resistance to authority.

When the trial ended they took my house to change my clothes and enjoy my last days of freedom. After a few days some policemen came in a suit that was not the one that the previous agents carried. These handled me and took me to the street. There I was waiting for a van that I had not seen in my life. It was green, had the windows full of bars and was armored. I set up in him and after half an hour or so we reached jail.

They got off the van and we entered through three different doors. When we arrived at the lobby, there were halls that seemed infinite. They had cells everywhere and up to three floors in some sectors. They took me to the West Wing. Apparently this wing was for prisoners of minor crimes, because I did not see anyone painting murderers or experienced thieves. The only thing I saw in the cells were sad people and without any hatred towards officials. I arrived at my cell and I settled. In the cell there was a television, a comfortable bed (within what is a jail), a closet to put my things and a bath for my needs.


The prison was not so bad. We got up at 9:30 and had breakfast. Then they took us out to a patio to walk, do sports or talk. Then we ate and left us to dinner freedom inside our cell before going to dinner. In jail I became friends with the cell in my front. We used to eat together, walk in the patio time and talk in the afternoon. Although not everything was good in jail. Sometimes we saw brawers or fights and sometimes they tried to put us in them. Since then I have not drank alcohol for the trauma that has generated me, I don’t take the car either. I only use it when it is strictly necessary.

Ah! And remember. As Stevie Wonder said: If you drink, don’t drive. 

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