Liberalism According To John Locke

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Liberalism according to John Locke

Liberalism has existed in the previous century, but it was in the 19th century when the English philosopher, John Locke, began with his ideas to this political, social and economic doctrine that defended the freedom of the individual, the right to property and workand the intervention of the State to ensure private property and legal certainty to individuals who make up society.

Liberalism tries to end ancient traditions, such as feudalism or absolute monarchies, that is, in what would rely on the old feudal system, which deprived individuals of a freedom to choose those who govern them and theequality in rights to evolve in the social and economic scale. The only purpose of liberalism was to establish some bases where all individuals were equal and had the same opportunities, considering freedom as an essential good for the correct development of the individual and the society in which it lives. (Alvarado, 2016)

This doctrine generates a great impact both in the political and economic sphere. Political liberalism seeks the freedom of man and establishes its bases in free choice in a sovereign way and at every moment those that best represent them in the government, that is, greater freedom for the people based on a representative democracy. (Alvarado, 2016) Hence, that the liberal system will support a State that guarantees equal laws and duties for each of the citizens, a State formed by a majority will with a public, impartial and strong authority. (Alvarado, 2016).

The state of nature and the social contract are essential elements within this doctrine that were introduced by Hobbes and that over time other philosophers would develop them in their doctrines or thoughts, as Locke did in his work “Second Treaty of theCivil Government ”, where he introduces these terms and establishes that power emanates in the will of the governed. The state of nature according to Locke, is that "perfect state of freedom" that allows the development of individuals, of being able to have freedom in the actions they carry out and obtain possessions or people without having to justify or depend on other men, provided thatbe within the limits of the law of nature.

Free Liberalism According To John Locke Essay Sample

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