Let’S Guide Children To A Timely Apology

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Let’s guide children to a timely apology


When there is a fight between children, many parents insist that they apologize to each other. Most children in these cases are automatically apologize, because this is what parents expect from them, but do not learn to correct relationships after a conflict. We know that families are not perfect and that despite parents’ efforts to make everything flow in the most harmonious way possible there will always be fights between brothers.


When a person is forced to apologize before being prepared for this, he does not restore the relationship, and after that he only gets worse, but they can affect their relationships with the brothers and sisters:

  • Apologizing when you don’t want is dishonest ’;
  • When parents force my brother to apologize, I want to win, this is good, but it does not improve me ’;
  • When I am angry, I hate apologizing, this enrages me even more with my sister ’;
  • Sometimes I would like to apologize to my sister, but not when I’m still angry with her.
  • When they hear such phrases, we start to think that we are doing badly when we make children apologize. 


What can we do instead?

  • Grant to helping children, not asking one of them to apologize to the other.
  • If you hear the wishes and needs of children and teach them to do the same, they will begin to resolve conflicts between them at a deeper level. In such cases, an apology becomes superfluous. This happens not only with children, but also with adults. Wait until children are no longer angry.
  • If children are still angry with each other, they must calm before they can listen.
  •  When the child is no longer angry, ask him to correct the relationship with his brother or sister.
  • To do this, you can use the phrase: ‘Your brother loves you and respects you’. When you shouted him, he thought he had offended, what do you think can be done to fix a relationship with him?
  • If the child offers to apologize, put according to him.

If the child’s voice sounds sad or angry, tell him that his apologies will not sound sincere and ask him how to correct the situation. Tell the child: apology is an excellent way to remedy the situation.


When you are a father, you must learn from little. There is no school for parents, you learn on the march, but you must also ask for advice, guidance and document above all in situations like these. Children are very intelligent and given this type of brothers conflicts, they can suggest an honest apology. They are recommended to say: I don’t want you to apologize until you sincerely want. I do not ask you to say something with falsehood. I don’t think someone feels better with falsehood. 

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