Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

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Leonardo Da Vinci Museum


Despite the hundreds of years that separate us with the artist Leonardo Da Vinci, his legacy has made celebrations continue to be held in his name. On May 2, this 2019, the fifth centenary of his death was commemorated and consequently several parts of the world carry out this year exhibitions and other activities related to the figure of the artist. Then we leave you an itinerary with the most prominent places that you can visit if you like Renaissance art.


The famous genius of the author or simply want to enjoy a wonderful trip through different cities and countries. Italy, one of the places with more activities for the anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. This itinerary to know the activities for the anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci begin in the Italian city that saw him born. The city, how can it be otherwise, houses the Leonardino Di Vinci Museum that contains the oldest collection of artist’s models.

And that for the celebration of its anniversary and together with the Uffizi Gallery, they have created a temporary exhibition whose main content is the main objective of Peasaggio one of the author’s first works. Florence at every step that I know in Florence we will be discovering the steps that Leonardo da Vinci also took in his day to day. In addition to also having its own inventor museum that stands out for the possibility of being able to touch the objects it contains.

Florence has an exhibition within the anniversary activities of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. This exhibition is within the Palazzo Vecchio and it is a small sample of the author’s Atlantic Codex that the Milan Ambrosian Library has lent to Florence Milan. Although we moved to Milan. To continue on this activity route for the anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we continue talking about the Atlantic Codex. 

As we have said before, in Milan is the original that during this 2019 and through four exhibitions will show the most important pieces of its pages. France also remembers Leonardo da Vinci. How could it be otherwise Paris and more specifically its visited Louvre Museum, which contains the most important and known work of the author: Mona Lisa, will host in this 2019 one of the greatest exhibitions this exhibitions. 

The Louvre collects inside almost a third of the author’s paintings to which a small sample of artist sculptures will meet.5. Loira Valley The Closa Castle Lucré in the Loira Valley was the last place of residence of Leonardo da Vinci until his death. There he spent the last years of his life working in his workshops and his library, in which he left part of his essence. The visit to this castle is worth knowing the author’s life in his last years and admiring his usual work places. 

England Buckingham Palace, specifically in The Queen`s Gallery, collects from this May to October and a sample with more than 200 sketches of the author. In addition to this wonderful exhibition, there will be 12 more exhibitions that will contain among them a total of 144 drawings of the artist, some of them unpublished later found by specialized researchers. These exhibitions can be visited in Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast or Manchester among others touring the most important places in England.


Enjoy Leonardo da Vinci without moving from Spain, the Spanish capital and more specifically the National Library and the Alhajas Palace, an exhibition entitled ‘The faces of the genius’ host until May 19 ’. The part that is in the library lobby collects the reconstructions of machines that appear in two technical treaties while the Alhajas palace collects through augmented reality and audiovisual and technological activities certain aspects of the life of Da Vinci.

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