Leonardo Da Vinci A Universal Genius

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Leonardo da Vinci a universal genius


Leonardo Da Vinci was definitely a universal genius, we all know that, so famous is the character as his artistic and scientific inventions and achievements. Next, I will name 15 creations from Leonardo that, surely it will surprise you, since many of them probably did not know. The man of vitruvio: the man of vitruvio is a study of the ideal proportions of the human body. It is a drawing with anatomy annotations in which the figure of the human body is represented on a circumference and on a square. The notes are in specular writing method that Da Vinci frequently used.


This method is simply to write in an inverted way as if the words were seen by a mirror. The proportions of the man of vitruvio are based on the work of the architect and writer of ancient Rome showcase another genius. From there take the name. This fascinating design represents the return to harmony and ideal classical forms and interest in man as the center of the world of the worldview of the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa possibly this dazzling painting is the most recognized work of Da Vinci. It is probably one of the most famous in the entire history of art.

The Mona Lisa or La Gioconda was painted by Leonardo, using the technique known as the vanished mastery. This method gives a feeling of depth and volume by applying several fine and delicate layers of paint to get imprecise contours with blurred and blurred lines as you surely know. There is controversy around the identity of the figure of enigmatic smile represented in the painting. However, the most accepted hypothesis is that it is Lisa Gherardini’s wife Bartolomeo’s wife of Giocondo and you also knew what Mona means a lady in Italian.

The old air screw. Leonardo was a visionary and a precursor in giving real to the human beings of the human being. One of the purposes that was marked was nothing more and nothing less than flying one of its most original flying designs and that I am most excited about is its famous air screw. This precursor machine of the helicopter had to fly if it underwent the necessary rotation because the propeller shape intended to screw the air and raise the flying structure is composed of wires that define the helical profile with a linen fabric cover on wooden radios. In short, it would be nothing more than a screw turning quickly.

The Last Supper. Another painting of Da Vinci especially famous is the representation of the last dinner. It is a mural made to temper and oil on two layers of plaster. Needless to this admirable work has been subject to all kinds of speculation and interpretations. The Last Supper is in Milan in the Santa María convent of rejoicing in a very precarious state of conservation. What is represented is one of the last moments of Jesus Da Vinci Express with amazing skill the moment in which the teacher warnsthat one of his disciples will betray him. The drama and dynamism of the composition of the structure are unsurpassed. 

The great reputation of this work as the Mona Lisa happens has aroused the interest of many researchers. The car. If so is Leonardo Da Vinci already presented a very interesting outline of a car system approximately in 1480. He did not have the function of current vehicles, but it was a machine for scenic use. This lucid design by Leonardo Da Vinci is another sample of a mind ahead of his time. This exceptional project is based on spring propulsion two spiral docks are placed under horizontal dispositions.

These wheels are matched and transmit energy to the rest of the machine mechanisms. Leonardo put all his ingenuity to make an elegant spring propulsion system. The Virgin the Child Jesus and Santana. Another of his oil paintings that have gone down in history is the one that represents the Virgin to the Child Jesus and Santana in the scene appears the Child Jesus hugging a lamb while the Virgin Mary tries to hold it. Behind it is Santana who is the mother of the Virgin. The effect of the characteristic vicinity of Leonardo and sadly the color has been flattened by deterioration is appreciated again.

But contemplating this work remains a true show as in the Virgen de las Rocas. The religious scene is in a captivating timeless rock landscape that is blurring in the distance in a charming bluish atmosphere. After the tragedy that devastated the city of Milan with the disease of the plague Leonardo da Vinci, it was proposed to design through sketches the perfect city exploiting its facet of urban architect The Renaissance scientist raised a city full of sannelic areas and water channels. The theoretical city was designed according to functional criteria and following the balance of the proportions. 

The idea of the ideal city was a topic of interest in the Renaissance. Although this concern already existed since ancient times and that it developed in later times. The. Machine gun. Da Vinci devised different machine gun projects by having several cannons together in a single mobile structure. The enemies had nothing to do against Da Vinci’s ingenuity. Each mouth could make its shot in a coordinated manner to the others so that the power increased considerably. The complication would arrive at the time of the recharge of the projectiles because it would take a long time. 

One of the lethal machine gun projects has the gun -shaped guns. One of the best known obsessions of the inventor was the sea the possibility of exploring it closely led him to devise various inventions to facilitate the task. Leonardo da Vinci designed a diver suit made of leather that connected to an air manga made of cane in turn it connected to a bell that floated on the surface. The scientist took all the details and even designed a bag to urinate. During parachute exploration. Da Vinci was one of the first to suggest the use of an artifact that we would currently call parachute. 

He designed a model that allowed a safe fall at a lower speed achieved by air resistance. Currently, parachute has round and rectangular shapes, but the Da Vinci design has a pyramidal shape in air -related mills. Leonardo had to apply his studies related to the behavior of weights and proportions of the human body. Machine flying. Da Vinci took the work of developing a scientific form the flight. Undoubtedly the figure of the mythical Dedalus influenced Italian engineers. In addition to the aforementioned aerial screw designed mechanical blades.

He studied the shape of flying animals such as birds or dragonfly. His intention was to analyze the natural flight to imitate it by promoting its characteristics. One of its most interesting projects is the flying machine The mechanisms of the gadget are launched by the force and movements of the pilot placed in a horizontal position.Odometer. An odometer is a mechanical tool whose function is to measure distances. Da Vinci’s odometer has the shape of a car. Dragged by an operator to measure the field directly. This device is a wonderful display of ingenuity.

The device had a vertical wheel that transmitted the movement to the great central wheel. This piece had holes by which some balls entered when a wheel turn was completed. The ball fell through an underlying hole that led her towards a container. So in this way the land was measured counting the balls contained inside the container. Simple and elegant rotating bridge. Among Leonardo’s sketches we find an impressive rotating bridge. The bridge is fixed on one of the banks of a river on a vertical terrain that allows the turn. The movement is carried out by means. 

The purpose is no other than to move the bridge to allow ship navigation and to be able to isolate one of the banks in a war situation. Anatomical studies. Da Vinci contributed to the development of scientific anatomy with its detailed drawings research and descriptions of the human body. Despite not being an invention or creation as such it is important to highlight their anatomical works. Among his most important contributions to Leonardo we owe the first graphic representations of many elements of human and animal anatomy. The value of their drawings is huge both scientists and artistic.


Gears. In the same way that in the previous point Da Vinci was not the inventor of the gears. In fact, the exact moment in which the gears were first used for the first time the mechanisms that transmit mechanical power have existed since ancient times, since ancient times they have existed for the very old time. However, Da Vinci used widely and perfected the mechanical systems that made use of wheels with teeth. Da Vinci left detailed in his writings, the sketches and illustrations of several of the gears used today. Da Vinci’s figure is inseparable in the history of these mechanisms.

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