Leonardo Da Vinci: A Genius Of History

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Leonardo da Vinci: A genius of history


It allowed to see the beginning of the new era, leaving aside the conceptions of the Middle Ages and restrictions of thought, returning total control to reasoning, deep scientific research and writings on the elements that surround and influence the human being. He proved to be a true genius in history, very visionary, creative, full of curiosity for the world that surrounded him and with the desire to solve the problems that arose. He did not have many studies or training, he barely knew how to read Latin, but evidenceclearing the field for incredible ideas, innovating in various areas. 


From a young age their interest in discovering and experimenting were insatiable, making it multidisciplinary, a holistic solution, innovating with the help of their abilities to combine art and science. Everything I knew learned through experience, his way of thinking was different, some ideas occurred to him as he walked through the streets of the town, had a great ability to interact with other people and maintain the contacts that helped him inyour profession. We can compare their postulates with different previous thinkers and philosophers, pointing out certain concordances. Being a follower of Plato, he shared a certain perception of the body as a microcosm, a reflection of the macrocosm.

A complete universe seen as a totality. Leonardo noticed some similarity in the behavior of some organs of humans with nature, as is the case of veins and arteries with rivers;They also believed that life is no longer only to live it, but that it should be known living together in harmony with nature. The similarity between Archimedes and Leonardo is very remarkable, both were great creative inventors, who sought the reasons for things, raising theories they must check to know if they work, creating different techniques to develop the projects and find their usefulness, they developed a scheme ofScience + Practical Experimentation = Engineering. By observing all nature, it caused great curiosity.

They dedicated their lives to find a way to explain these phenomena and innovating with their creations. And although Da Vinci did not achieve great mathematical skills such as Galileo, he kept contributing designs in engineering, physics and optics. As mentioned above, Leonardo said that to know the lake, his contrast must be known, therefore, if known about beauty, you must know the ugly, reflecting in his drawings the ugliness and the grotesque. This has a great similarity with the thought of Heraclitus, where the world was characterized by constant contradictions, otherwise it would cease to exist, if human beings never get sick, they will never know what it is to be healthy, if they were never hungry, notThey would know how to appreciate being satiated, all right and badly has a place in reality. 

Both authors accept opposites and the need to recognize their existence the world, to have a holistic vision. The domain of philosophy and science at the rate of the Renaissance generates currents such as rationalism and empiricism. Leonardo is based on understanding the world through reason and bases this to understand everything on two, the need and proportion;Considering the need related to Aristotle’s approaches, which for this philosopher was virtue occurs when an entity performs the function perfectly. Well, Leonardo understands the need-virud as in a way in which the elements that integrate the universe are perfectly accommodated to their function in nature. The fundamental thing about humanism was to free man from myth through scientific knowledge.

And put the human being as the center of everything, being Leonardo the greatest exponent of this current. Aristotle organized the scientific knowledge of antiquity in a system that endured to the Renaissance, where Leonardo took this Aristotelian conception of the soul as a source of life and knowledge, but modified it in a theory based on experience. Leonardo broke the religious dogmas of that time by dissecting human bodies, all in order to understand how he was built. This great character had many contributions to science, but one that stands out more is the scientific method that is based on all the approaches he made, since the scholastic theologians of that time had merged Aristotelian science with Christianity with Christianity.


This did not leave a great margin for research and experiments. Leonardo was based on observations and experiments until he checked validity, this marked the end of medieval superstition. Leonardo gave many contributions to medicine both with his representations and discoveries, but one of those that can be highlighted is that he was the first to describe the heart as a muscle and as the center of the blood system, thus dethroning the galen postulates that in thatSo he was the only one who had postulated about the body’s anatomy. Da Vinci said that the veins and arteries decreased their custom division moved away from the heart and discovered the function of the aortic heart valve, this was verified by the University of Oxford today. 

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