León: The Search For Power Through Actions

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León: The search for power through actions


In search of power. In the lion’s book, most of the characters are in search of power, and they will not stop under any circumstances. As for the search for power, people can reach a level in which their actions could become dishonest or immoral. Like there are other acts that can be justified as long as they do not validate against the law, and of course ethical. "The power achieved by guilty means was never exercised in good purposes".


This is a phrase of Cornelio Tacito, and in truth describes what the dictator Manuel Belaunzarán has done. Everything Belaunzarán seeks is power and he clearly shows us the great measures he is willing to reach to have more power. Belaunzarán was the one who gave the order to kill Dr. Saldaña. A murder is something that of course breaks the law and is not ethical in any way. This is just an example in which someone went to a great measure only by power and it is extremely clear that for the previous reasons.

The actions done by Manuel Belaunzarán fail to be justified. You could say that it is valid or that it is well that an individual or like a party wants to keep in power, the only problem or the only difficulty of this is that power is capable of controlling and manipulating all people. Belaunzarán has all the power and does not plan to lose. Here what comes to light is that the Lord who has so much power is so immoral while he could lead to arepa to down. 

With what he has demonstrated is easy to know that it is not the ideal to have so much power under his hands, since he does not think of others and that he only thinks of himself and his possession. The actions done by the Government of Belaunzarán, the progressive party, and they cannot be justified, by their lack of ethics, and its immorality. Power is something that is not played, since people can feel superior and reach certain extremes that never seemed possible. 


We must be extremely wise and careful as soon as we make decisions such as who has the power, since it is something very delicate and it can be dangerous if it falls into incorrect hands because it can lead to an entire city oreven a complete country ruin or top.


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