Legalize Your Title To Be Valid In Costa Rica

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Legalize your title to be valid in Costa Rica


If you see yourself in need of legalizing your title to be valid in Costa Rica, you have found an article that can guide you in this process. For both foreigners and natives who want to return to their country after studying abroad, we offer a guide with the steps and requirements for validating a title in this Central American country.

First of all, a little history. The current system used by Costa Rica for the validation of titles was created in 1986, by the CONARE (National Council of Rectors). At that time, the authorities of the Universities concluded the Convention for the Coordination of State Higher Education in Costa Rica.


This document agrees that the homologation of titles within the Costa Rican territory must be carried out by higher level educational entities that have signed that agreement and that they offer, in turn, an equivalent title.

Steps for the validation of a title in Costa Rica

The first thing that the applicant must do is complete a form issued by the Office of Higher Education Planning (OPES). The name of the document to be filled is a request for recognition and comparison of degrees and titles issued by institutions of higher education from abroad, and can also download online from the Conare website.

Once this form is available, it must be presented at the Office of Recognition and Equiparration (a previous appointment) is necessary. At this point, the agency will be responsible for determining the validity of the application and, if the requirements will be met, will designate the house of studies that will homologate the title.

Finally, the University or Higher Educational Entity will analyze the order and will be issued on the case. If the applicant wishes, he can appeal an unfavorable decision, always following the current regulations for this process.


Of course, there are certain documentation that the public entities of Costa Rica mentioned above will require to begin with the process of validation of a title. Are the following:

Original and copy of the interested party: this must be in good condition and be perfectly readable.

Title duly legalized by the following entities: Ministry of Education of the Country of Origin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or its equivalent), Consulate of Costa Rica and Costa Rica Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It may also be necessary a certificate in which the validity of the title issued by an educational entity is recorded, especially when it is non -university. This document must be legalized.

Curriculum studied with its corresponding legalization.

Receipts and copies of the payment of recognition law made in Costa Rica.

Beyond these obligations that every applicant must comply with, it is worth noting that the professions of the area of health or law have additional requirements. On them, entities that grant the validation of a title can offer more information.

Other details

First, it is appropriate to add that this procedure has a cost. The value is 104 Costa Rican colones for the natives and 208 Costa Rican colones for foreigners. At the same time, the university that issues validation can also charge the publication of edicts, certification and timbres;This amount usually is around 150 Costa Rican colones.

On the other hand, it is important to be aware that, in case of a title issued in a language that is not Spanish, it must be translated by a professional endorsed for said function. This is processed in the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Costa Rica.

The entire procedure must be carried out by the interested party;failing that, a person authorized by the power letter can also intervene. This is truly important for those who wish to start the process being still abroad;They will need a representative in Costa Rica who presents the forms in the entities already mentioned.


Also, any of the five state universities of Costa Rica offer the validation of a title. The duration of this process can vary;While postgraduate titles take about a month and a half, those of degree can take up to four months to obtain a verdict. In summary, this is all you should know before starting the validation of a title in Costa Rica. As you have noticed, it does not have much difficulty, as long as the obligations imposed by each stage are fulfilled.   

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