Legalization Of Marijuana And Its True End

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Legalization of marijuana and its true end


Being able to legalize the consumption of marijuana demonstrates social development, which allows the prevention of illicit enrichment by armed groups and criminal gangs, who seek more and more consumers, who fall within this addiction. Such as the question that ends up being the title, which questions us whether or not its consumption is viable, consumption that can end up being an addiction, but it is not possible to base us on this argument, because it would not be the first addicted substance that is allowedAnd I would even say that it is the least detrimental to health. Most likely, its legalization ends up being a social and economic benefit for the country.

To make possible its legalization, it must be based on a regulation, as it says in the Las2orillas newspaper (the 2rds, s.F.) ¨ I do not manage to imagine a child by going to the store buying a joint with the naturalness with which a sweet or package is bought, and although the policy must be accompanied with an age restriction for “consumption”;Its consumption will have to be regulated by the State, who would not only be in charge of its regulation, in addition, in awareness, social work and pedagogical work that prevents us from becoming an even greater problem than we have. A against legalizing marijuana is the lack of governance of the Colombian State, legalizing can decrease with many causes of violence in the country, however it would not end it, to which it does not lead to questioning us it is possible that it is legal and not a problem as a problem likeIt is cigarette, food high in sugar or even alcoholic beverages, causing several death and on costs in the health system.

One of the current problems of its consumption is its addiction, which sometimes causes the dependence on the substance and in many cases more strongly seek something stronger, with the regulations it could be avoided that things such as those named or problems of violence and discomfort,for example the different independent reactions of the person who occurs during marijuana consumption. That this does not end violently as an alcoholic or health problems such as obesity, cause of food not regulated by the State would cause, it is worth including that this substance does not tend to have such harmful effects for the physical and psychological state, this is demonstratedIn various university campuses in Bogotá, which is common to consumption of marijuana or its medicinal use by several people who have difficult diseases to control with modern medicine a clear example is the comedian Camilo Sánchez. He would believe that the biggest barrier that avoids legalization is not consumers, people, distributors, security or producers if not the lack of a government that works for the people.

Suddenly at this point in reading you believe that I am promoting the consumption of marijuana, but this is not the fact, what I want to show you is problematic that the Colombian State seeks to end the sponsorship of the United States, a country in which in somestates its consumption is legal, thus seeing no reasonable excuse of forcing the Colombian government to reduce marijuana crops. In certain science, the Colombian government is to end the problem by attacking the producer and the distributor or rarely to the core of these (mafias, guerrillas, etc …), without senior the absurd works of the government only result in attacks on the peasant who do notHe had another alternative to live due to the absence of the State in different rural areas (the producer) or in temporary captures to people with few resource that without opportunities end up being marijuana vendors. With which they seek legalization, it is to formalize the work of people who were only to blame for not having opportunities, people with frustrated dreams forced to commit acts such as the most punctual consumption and distribution of drugs marijuana that is the beginning of the cruel world ofthe drugs.

The only purpose of legalization is to generate a social change, it would end in support of marginalized areas, where the only scarce are opportunities, increasing poverty. A good impact would also be caused for consumers who have self-control about consumption and the people who depend on it to control their disease. One of the main economic sources of guerrillas, mafias, criminal gangs, etc … that only seek consumers (vicious) and not customers would end.}                 

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