Legal Regulation Of Sports Hunting

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Legal regulation of sports hunting

In practice, the legal regulation of sports hunting in Spain depends fundamentally on the Spanish Hunting Federation (Fecza). This organism is main to regulate and promote sports hunting throughout the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to organizing the main competitions at national level and granting hunting licenses.

As in Spain everything related to the control of sports hunting consists of competencies transferred to the Autonomous Communities, we can find national and regional regulations. In addition to possible differentiated standards at the local level, as we will see in more details below.

Therefore, every hunter should be aware of the requirements of the holiday and regional laws to legally practice their activity. To facilitate this work a bit, here we will review some frequent doubts about the regulation of sport hunting in Spain.

Frequent doubts about the legal regulation of sport hunting in Spain

In some cases, the division of competencies between the Spanish national state and regional governments can generate doubts for hunters. Especially for those who begin in sports hunting and are not familiar with the legal regulation of sports hunting and the requirements to exercise it ethically and legally.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, at the national level, the main legal framework of this activity in Spain is in the so -called 1970 hunting law. However, the competencies referring to sports hunting are granted to the Autonomous Communities.

Likewise, it is evident that municipal ordinances and regional norms cannot contradict national laws. Although they can legislate, for example, on fines applicable to crimes related to the illegal practice of hunting.

Once this brief explanation is made, let’s move on to the first frequent doubt regarding the legal regulation of sport hunting in Spain. Which is dedicated especially to beginners:

What do I need to know to be a hunter in Spain?

To become a hunter, it is necessary to be duly authorized by the competent authorities. In addition to obtaining the hunting license, it is also essential to process a permit for the use of firearms.

However, exercising this activity legally in Spain it is not just about checking the necessary physical and psychological conditions. It is also essential to respect the limits established with the objective of achieving a balance between the preservation of ecosystems and the practice of sports hunt.

Therefore, it is very important that hunters know and respect the times and spaces authorized for the development of their activity. In addition to not invading environmental conservation areas, they should not point against species protected by law, whether native or at risk of extinction.

What should I do to process the hunting license?

The hunting license certifies that its holder is enabled to legally practice sports hunting. Many autonomous communities have signed a collaboration agreement that allows the hunter to request a single interautonomic license. That is, that it is valid for the entire territory of the CCAA that they conclude said agreement.

To request a hunting license in Spain, it is necessary to resort to a delegation from the Ministry of Environment. Or in the absence, to its official representative in the closest to your place of residence. To make your request, remember to submit the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of ID.
  • Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance Payment Proof.
  • Approval in the hunter exam (only in case of first qualification).


Is it considered a crime to hunt without having the mandatory insurance?

After the changes made in the Spanish Criminal Code in 2015, a differentiation between crimes and criminal offenses has been established. Consequently, many hunters have begun to wonder whether, at present, hunting without mandatory insurance is a crime in Spain.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to differentiate between mandatory insurance and other coverage that can be hired by a hunter. To obtain the hunting license, it is essential to verify the hiring of civil liability insurance. And the coverage of this mandatory insurance must meet the minimum requirements provided for in the Hunting Law.

Currently, there is also a wide variety of special insurance for hunters, with several ‘extra’ coverage. However, only said civil liability insurance is mandatory for the legal exercise of sports hunting in Spain.

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