Legal And Regulatory Framework In People With Disabilities

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Legal and regulatory framework in people with disabilities


The legal and regulatory framework in Disability of El Salvador presents a series of documents that address the rights and needs of people in disabilities, being also a guide for the actions of the States to promote an inclusive society in whichSee for respect and compliance with the rights that people with disabilities have. 

Documents such as the Constitution of the Republic, which manifests the right to life and in this enjoy freedom, security and work, on the other hand, the Law of Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities establishes three premises for the integration of saidPeople, in the same way, the United Nations with their optional protocol presents the relevant measures for conflict resolution. 

Finally, the inclusive education policy for students with disabilities at the University of El Salvador aimsThe general population and people with disabilities.


El Salvador knows the human person as the origin and end of the State activity, which is organized to achieve justice, legal certainty and the common good, also recognizes as a human person every human being from themoment of conception. Consequently, it is the obligation of the State to assure the inhabitants of the Republic, the enjoyment of freedom, health, culture, economic well -being and social justice

Mental or social;They also have the right to enjoy physical integrity, moral and dignity, establishing compensation in accordance with the law, for some moral damage.

To comply with this law, the National Council for Comprehensive Care for Persons with Disabilities to establish the necessary policies aimed at multidisciplinary and comprehensive care of persons with disabilities is supported and granted;emphasizing their rights to the protection, education and application of scholarships, architectural and road accessibility, the right to obtain remunerated job, and to be part of society without being discriminated, the participation of the State being indispensable, which leads to actions and institutions for theenjoy comprehensive care and prevention and monitoring programs for the speed,

In the same way, the United Nations when creating in 2008 the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and their Optional Protocol, they intended that in a series of articles the way in which people in disabilities must be treated with respect, to be treated with respect, be treated with respect, be established in respect,equality and inclusion in all age and sex ranges. It also recognizes the obligation and commitment of states towards these people who throughout history have fought for their recognition and autonomy.


Also, the states collect dependent information in statistical data and investigations to formulate and apply policies in order to give effect to the convention and to eliminate the barriers facing people with disabilities, it must recognize the importance of international cooperation andthe promotion of the same in supporting national efforts to make the objectives of the Convention effective. A committee on the rights of persons with disabilities must be formed, which states will submit reports about the applications of the Convention, to which the Committee has the power to propose suggestions that contribute to the improvement of said applications. 

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