Legal Abortion In Mexican Adolescents

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Legal abortion in Mexican adolescents

The decision to make an abortion or not is difficult. There are many reasons to abort: that pregnancy is the cause of a violation or accident, that the future mother has health risks, not to have the necessary resources to offer a decent life to a new being, among other reasons.

In our society we find this issue very much since we all think in a very different way before it. However, each opinion must be respected.

Dear reader, the main purpose of this essay is to present yourself from abortion etymology to concepts, as well as what definition some authors and institutions give to this issue. Similarly, show you with true information that part of the population is in favor/against an analysis obtained. Likewise, I will show you a testimony of an anonymous person telling his experience in a situation of curettage.


The word abortion has several concepts and definitions, however, we can take its own meaning from the etymology of the word: "from the Latin" abortus "and at the same time the prefix" ab "deprivation and" ortus "birth, therefore, therefore, therefore,It means birth deprivation ". (Definition, 2013)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 1994), abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy after the implementation of the fertilized egg in the endometrium before the fetus has reached viability, that is, before it is able to surviveand maintain an independent extrauterine life.

There are other institutions that have a different concept and already mentioned activity

[…] It is the interruption of pregnancy before fetal viability with adequate means in order to prevent the death of women or to treat a disease that affects both the fetus and the mother and that makes embryonic or fetal life unfeasible. (CESOLA SEXUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, 2019)

According to the Ministry of Health of Mexico, from a medical angle, abortion is defined as an interruption in pregnancy, either spontaneous or induced, which causes a pregnancy of less than 500 grams or less than 20 weeks of the productI finished. 

However, from the legal point of view in Mexico, in accordance with article 329 of the Federal Criminal Code is the death of the product of conception at any time of pregnancy.

So I can give the definition of it as an interruption in pregnancy as well as spontaneously and induced in the first weeks of a fetus gestation. This activity is carried out by hundreds of women a day in Mexico;mainly those who have suffered from abuses, deceptions, abuse and even threats.


And yes, it is true that there are thousands of methods by which we can avoid unwanted pregnancy, however, the lack of information and knowledge about methods is so absurdly high that the abortions figure (legally or clandestinely) in our country in our countryis high. "In the country more one million abortions occur per year, the majority clandestine, because the interruption of pregnancy is highly restricted, except for the Federal District". (Solera, 2013) 

The number of unwanted pregnancies represents a public health problem in Mexico, since 60% of these pregnancies are presented in women between 18 and 25 years. According to León (2015), the most used hormonal contraceptive method in Mexico City is the “the next day” pill with an effectiveness of 99% and can be taken up to 3 days after unprotected sexual relationship. The second method is the subdermal implant, it is placed in the patient’s non -dominant arm. Its effectiveness is 99% and has a duration of 3 years. The method found in third place is the contraceptive patch, which can be placed anywhere in the body and has a duration of one week, is placed for three weeks with rest of a.

It is true that to grow with a population that learns to respect we have to teach and learn many values from home, as well as change many aspects of our culture, however, if as a population we cannot trust ourselves because in each corner there may be aPatal depraved Why does the government not allow us to have another option? Our capital only has 13 clinics, which are the only ones who carry out legal abortions in the country and which are attended. 

In Mexico there are more clandestine abortions than legal. In societies where poverty is present, it is where we can see a greater number of unwanted pregnancies, and, therefore, of illegal or clandestine abortions in which there is a great death of women due to the irrigation to which they face the samefor lack of health, of necessary material, among others. "Although no one can give an exact figure, it is estimated that in Mexico there are 750 thousand and one million clandestine abortions annually". (Almaraz, 2018)

Is our society in favor or against abortion? This answer depends on many factors in people: how much the media have influenced (newspaper, networks, spectacular, etc.) On this, their age, social status, their culture, the monthly income they have are also taken as a factor to determine their response, according to Defoe (public opinion company), among some others. It should be noted that, for the most part, people over 44 are against induced abortion under any circumstance.

According to a national survey conducted by Defoe, the data that a total of 1600 cases made from March 24 to 26, 2012 was that, who found themselves in favor of the practice of abortion under any circumstance were young people between 18 and25 years who have a satisfactory level of studies and, for the most part, are students. This part of the respondents have a middle -level family income ($ 6,001 to $ 12,000 per month). On the contrary, those who tend to be considered against abortion, are adult people from 45 years forward who, mostly, their schooling does not exceed primary and secondary school, and the rest, do not have studies. These people are usually retired and housewives whose income is low ($ 1,051 to $ 3,000 per month).

I think that, being on the "pro-life" side is somewhat theological, and I will explain why. The greatest amount of people who are against this practice (calculate 70% of them) is due to their religion and the attachment of them over them. People who are older than 40 say that an abortion can be a sin since a child is God’s blessing, and I am not against this thought, because I, likewise, I am Catholic and enjoy my religion, althoughThe attachment that I exercise is not so great. However, I think that a woman’s decision to have a child conceived or is not an extremely difficult decision to make in which the person does not need to think about religions but in her own future, because that is what we really talk about.

It should be noted that in the middle of the twentieth one in which we find ourselves is extremely illogical that a person is pregnant (due to their own consent) thus existing too many contraceptive methods, which most have an accessible price, moreover, some even give them up inhealth scepters. In my opinion, this is where we should include as part of our culture knowledge of our own and future children about the methods, risks, diseases and others in the face of sex, but without taboos. How many times, and you won’t let me lie, dear reader, we have gone to information external to us so much friends or acquaintances just because we have heard that this person already leads a more active sex life and, therefore, "knows more about the subject".

Now, it is true that to the society to which we are exposed we run hundreds and thousands of dangers, in which the minimum that can happen to you is a robbery or assault, and the worst thing is not to return home living (a).

The decision to make an abortion must be one of the greatest challenges that a woman can be exposed to take, however, to think about a future good must be taken in a very serious way. We will never know that it awaits us in the future, if you ever or I went through such a situation (I hope in life that does not happen to either, much less), I do not imagine what it would be like to take in the belly, andlater, raise a helpless being who needs love, support and affection which was the product of a situation traumatic in your life and in anyone. I also believe quite naive to conceive with full and own consent a life in your belly if you do not tell enough resources to give a baby a baby.

I am in favor of abortion under any circumstance in which the woman is, whether it has been the product of a violation or not. Why the life of the mother or individual is in danger. I am in favor of abortion and when it is its total decision because, let’s see by the angle we want, my dear reader, is your body.

Currently, in Mexico an abortion can be carried out legally from April 24, 2007 to, as a limit, 12 weeks of pregnancy.


I began to worry when I noticed that my delay was already a month and a week;To do this, it is worth mentioning that I am not a very regular person in my cycle, so I let it spend so much time. My boyfriend and I did not take care of each other at that time, we were at a point where the question of protection "was worth". Upon fulfilling a month and a half delay, I told my partner, we talked and immediately chose to make me instant test of pregnancy: it gave positive. Being honest we were very afraid, we were very scared and for the moment we did not know what to do.

My partner has a very close friend who, along with his girlfriend, had already gone through such a situation, and it was he who advised us. They had come to a clinic in Mexico (I do not remember what the place was called, nor the area) that was a very clean, trustworthy clinic and others. We know each other very much so the friend himself was the one who offered to take us.

We left very early, the two of them went through me at 6 in the morning and, for obvious reasons, I couldn’t tell my mother where we were going, so I said we would visit my boyfriend’s family. We read that place at approximately 8 in the morning and to our surprise there were already people. Upon arriving at the clinic window to ask for reports, we asked us for our credentials (they explained that we should be of legal age to make an abortion). The process was immediate, immediately a girl told us that I had to pass alone but first we had to pay. It was a total of $ 3,500 and we paid it between the two. When I made the payment, I entered the girl inside the clinic, we passed through a somewhat long hall with about four or five doors.

Before entering, my boyfriend had told me not to worry and that it would be the first and last time we would go through something like that, that we should be more aware and think a lot about our future.

Being inside it was a doctor who greets me and quickly explained the process: I was so nervous that I only replied that yes because of mere instinct, because I couldn’t think of anything more than it would hurt or not, if there would have to be some somehours under observation or something or not, if I would have side effects or if it would no longer be sterile, and if my mother would find out.

The doctor asked me a series of questions (I think to have me calmer) about my person;If he studied or not, my age, if my family knew it, etc. The anesthesia that placed me was locally, in my cervix. I felt the whole process, at first it was very uncomfortable;I only came to see when they introduced a manger inside, I felt very strong colic, but they told me it was part of.

Throughout the process I closed my eyes until they told me that I had finished. I felt it, at least one hour, however, my boyfriend tells me that I was approximately 20 minutes there. I walked, that surprised me because I expected to stay in bed at least a while. They told me that it was not necessary, that I could walk without problems.

When we almost retired they gave me a role in which I was written that I had.


Are you considered for or against induced abortion?

Free Legal Abortion In Mexican Adolescents Essay Sample

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