Learning Disorders Cause Of School Failure

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Learning Disorders Cause of school failure

Children’s learning disorders constitute a set of frequent disorders but little known by the pediatric collective. There are statistical data that indicate figures for example: it calculates that to the global 5% children suffer learning problems in reading writing or calculation. Children who go through this disorders are usually usually diagnosed and treated in the school environment but it is increasingly frequent that parents are the initiative.

Through this report, such learning disorders will be covered in order to publicize how they are diagnosed and the treatment base from a practical point of view and focused on the general pediatrician. We trust that your reading is enjoyable and above all useful in daily practices.

In order to define that learning disorders are to keep in mind that each individual has their own rhythm to assimilate the learning. In a classroom any of the healthy children, endowed with intelligence within the range of normality we find different types of children; that learn and assimilate concepts quickly and easily; Normal, who learn in the expected rhythm and with the typical difficulty, a child to learn and assimilate the concepts implies greater difficulty than others, but that with a minimum effort, supplementary time come to overcome the problems, finally there are The children, the latter are patients who have persistent and serious problems to assimilate certain academic concept.

The most commonly used definition of learning of persistent, unexpected and specific disability, to efficiently acquire certain academic skills, whether reading, writing, calculation, drawing, etc. And that occur despite the fact that the child has normal intelligence, follow adequate schooling and his sociocultural environment is favorable. It is usually accepted that children with ta must have a cognitive level in normal or high ranges. The problem children with cognitive deficit is different and being strict does not belong to the field of the TA. However, if we believe it is important to highlight that the greater the child’s cognitive ability, the better it can face a possible TA, that is, develop before and better strategy to overcome concrete problems generated by the disorder.

When I chose ‘Learning Disorders’ I did it because I saw, information from many information sources and I could perform a picture all with the educational situation at the pandemic level then I wondered what would be of the boys with school learning disorders ranging them in the house.

Question that caused me a lot of curiosity and began to investigate, to complete this report.

It was really discouraging to find the amount of threats to educate a child with home learning disorder if we find opportunities regarding the family relationship and the containment of their context, we also found strength because we broke limits that we had totally drawn by the routine, school daily.

In some cases the lack of connectivity, the social isolation, the lack of socialization, made endless worrying item for children to literate, with home learning disorders.

We said something difficult but not impossible we were looking for the return with the strengths and the opportunities we realized that we were capable of more than we gave we valued the sense that we do not go to school it cost us to put schedules limits, but together we were building A pandemic education jumping all difficulties.

They were addressed in different ways, one of them were the daily application of video call, in order to address children with learning disorders, accompany and plan with priority knowledge. A challenge was clearly raised the accompaniment was key to help children with learning disorders.

Then when we began to study the different federal and national laws we stopped and broken Let us remember at every moment and at every moment that we all have the same right to school not so much person with learning disorder or with children with a correct schooling.

With an ancient education system with an excellent constitution we have been able to make this literacy at home an endless tests and errors to improve ourselves without a doubt we try.

Surely in the current government you must rebuild several flagella that we have had on this path such as: the lack of technology or the lack of precision to help the establishments, but we are willing as future teacher to contribute our creativity from our strength favoring day after Second day after second to the children of the classrooms who were encouraged to school I know in the worst terms that can be school and be a person who is under the fear of a disease.

We know that there are new times and new demands and that this education demands strong and clear a change and we are willing to pass it and we are willing to forge it.

We discovered that our school system was not really based on the needs of the child but on a system of reproduction of an ideology without little pedagogy with another historical context and arbitrariness from the foundations we deeply believe that in order to be able to be incorporating into the educational system every child with disorders with disorders From learning we must be more flexible when exposing a topic and evaluating it not with such rigidity but with fair didactics for the child to learn by playing and already move from the oppressed to simply live learning.

Inevitably we fall to the rites and rituals that the schools minutes 3 minutes made us beating in this pandemic we left that behind and we are not polarized to our times our priorities and our space basically took control of our learning. Ritual rites was suppressed unnecessary activities and we could simply learn our family at our own pace and thus be able to overcome our own learning disorder with our own decision. Notably the percentage of the disorders were decreased since they took in the matter the heads heading It is very difficult to find a trained teacher to be able to cope with a superpobiled classroom plus attention deficit disorder. But at home it was different many boys learned with love and dedication from their family.

Not all children learn from the same time, nor everyone in the same way wanted to remember this phrase every second because learning disorders are neither more nor less, than a temporary difficulty that can be corrected with constancy and responsibility.

Undoubtedly the school was not well, we understood the nuances of the training of primary school as time and space and we understand that the proposal of the anura duality is really a coloring and overflowing proposal to be able to address the issue of learning disorders As future teacher to be able to work so that school failure in the percentage of learning disorders is not more every day, but also decreases significantly.

Remember that school failure has a lot to do with the child with the context of it, with perception, with effort, with interest, self – esteem, with emotional instability the mood and its depression. We must be strongly awake to see all this type of signals. That is why I chose the issue of learning disorders in which I would like to work it from the first day that I am working in this way or another and experience that the child is fully contained in his primary schooling.

That is why there is no doubt that in my opinion the option of non -gradual schools is an excellent option, to get the repetition, in children with learning disorders. And being able to imagine those schools of the future that the text of Juan José Lanz spoke to us that went to the rich school for the poor with double day and better link between education and work full of cozy and pleasant places, 7 teachers who must develop their activities and sub-programs with the necessary material and in its surroundings the appropriate furniture, places with their own stimulating and dynamic personality, adapted and well illuminated and above all things with technology for all and all. It is impossible to stop dreaming in the future of school with the new path we did in this social distancing.

Finally, we saw the childhood of yesterday of today and we understand that many boys and many of the learning disorders is because simply the absence of their parents when working or separate parents make the child cannot overcome this excess alone.

For that our convictions must be firm and be healthically and physically to be attentive to any director or minor sign than the child present when it comes to the classroom we must also say that discipline in coexistence rules must be fixed and firm clarified with the students in mutual event to be able to have the exercise of health Find what we do not see in the child, and be able to overcome once and for all the problem of child learning with a disorder of learning, looking for new ways, looking for new strategies and experienceing new didactics understanding that we are not all the same or learn to the same rhythm, that each child is a world full of sensations, implementing projects which society imposes itself for fear and reaching the child’s feeling. That we as a future teacher are not firm and active when teaching the true inclusion what it is to face the daily virtual and face -to -face school routine taking all children how they will be as individual beings and be able to work with the boys of learning disorders and prove the step by step so that they can advance to their times.   

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