Lead In Preschool Children Cause Learning Disorders

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Lead in preschool children cause learning disorders

"Young age are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead, which can have serious and permanent consequences in their health, affecting in particular the development of the brain and nervous system" (World Health Organization, 2018, Par. 3). That is, children can expose themselves to lead in their own environment, their natural curiosity and the custom of taking things to their mouths, inclines them more to suck or swallow things they contain or are covered with this metal, once it is in theBody, lead in children reaches the nervous system, mainly to the brain, which causes learning disorders, since it involves a series of problems that affects the child’s abilities: in reading, in written expression and in the abilities notverbal.

Thus, reading disorder also called dyslexia, as a consequence of the toxic effects of lead, is a disability that affects the phases of language. The impediment of reading correctly, are influenced by genetic and environmental influences. "It is usually diagnosed in the early elementary years, but the little one can already give signs from the preschool stage" (Rovati, 2013, Par. two). That is, this disorder can be detected long before the child begins to read and write, in order to avoid the sequels that may arise if the child is not diagnosed in time. Therefore, it is essential, to be attentive to dyslexia signs both in babies and preschool children.

This type of learning disorder in written expression also called dysgraph, arises as a result of a brain injury. “In general, dysgraph can already be detected in preschool and is characterized by great disorganization in graphic productions, difficulties saw spaces and alterations in fine motor skills, which compromise the use of pencil, scissors, punch, rolleand other manual activities ”(Editorial MD, 2015, Par. eleven). That is, both the teacher within the classroom and at home, must be attentive to written tasks, the diagnosis must be performed at an early age and by the school psychopedagogue, thus a faster recovery can be done to obtain betterresults.

This nonverbal disorder is neurobiological base that is also known as procedural disorder, the main characteristics are: motor difficulties, saw space and coordination. “In childhood, children present alterations in psychomotor skills and in drawing, plastic and calculation tasks;In adulthood, those affected present difficulties in establishing family, friendship and couple relationships, problems in coexistence, personal autonomy and work performance ”(Ortega, 2018, par. two). That is, it is a problem in daily activities, since they use more time to perform tasks, in certain cases the problem is not the lack of concentration, but this causes them discomfort by not being able to understand both written and visual information.

In conclusion, we can say that lead is a very strong poison, which can affect people of all ages, lead exposure in preschool children, has a greater reception, because their bodies are developing and are more vulnerable, it has a wide variety of effects that if it is not diagnosed in time, the level of lead it has in the blood, can be very harmful to the child’s health and their learning. When there is a higher concentrated level of lead in the blood, this can cause death, for this reason early intervention is very important, so that the problem cannot increase, both parents and teachers must be attentive to children’s behavior in theirenvironment.


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