Laser Definitive Hair Removal

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Laser definitive hair removal


In the closed light center our most popular treatment is laser hair removal for men and women. Using the latest laser technology we have treated with more than 35.000 customers alone in London. With more than 16 years of experience in laser innovation, treating and evaluating a laser plethora to obtain the best results for all types of hair and skin, we are extremely positive in the laser hair removal industry.


Laser hair removal uses an extreme ray that selectively destroys hair follicles when pointing to hair melanin and, consequently, damaging the root and blood circulation of hair at the base of the hair follicle. The lasers of Alexandrite and ND YAG damage the pylous follicle enough to substantially minimize hair recreation, while they leave the surrounding tissue without affecting. Throughout the treatment a light and hot sensation of puncture will be felt in the treated area, this is the heat that hits the hair root.

However, this is relieved thanks to the cooling system connected to the laser that blows cold air, as cold as you prefer, while making the most comfortable session. After treatment there may be a slight pain and small bumps for a short time, this can be relieved by applying the aloe vera gel as many times as necessary each treatment space has aloe vera so you can use it after treatment.

Laser hair removal evaluation

Before starting your laser hair removal trip, we will make a free consultation with one of our specialists, extremely trained. During the evaluation, the expert will describe the process, choose the laser that will be used in the appropriate adjustments, will answer the questions you have and perform a timely test in each place.

The skin test will ensure that you are suitable for laser hair removal, 95% appropriate, in addition to providing you with a concept of how the treatment will feel. Next, the laser expert will recommend the best treatment to achieve your goal, a minimum of 8 is normally suggested. Our frequently asked questions section, which is listed below, covers much of the aspects discussed in the consultation. After consultation, if you decide to continue, you can start treatment from the following 48 hours.

The skin can be reddened immediately after treatment and hair roots where the skin has been treated can be lifted and rough, this generally disappears in a few hours, however it can be used up to two days for some customers. A couple of people experience itch a few days later when the hair is pressed.  After a laser hair removal treatment, hair growth is significantly reduced. Next of the second laser treatment, depending on the skin and the type of hair, the place can begin to be irregular, since some hair follicles stop producing new hair.

The main benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most efficient technique to achieve irreversible reduction. After 6-8 sessions, up to 90% reduction can be achieved. Compare this with a lifetime of shaving or waxing with wax. The laser is equally very efficient to treat incarnate hairs. After 2 to 4 sessions there is a considerable one, if not complete, elimination of the embodied hairs. The bumps, redness and skin coloration caused by incarnate hairs will also be clarified leaving the skin healthier and smoother.

Laser and safety hair removal professionals

At the London Pulsed Clinic, all our specialists are experts and are accredited at level 4 of laser safety training. Many of our professionals have more than a year of experience in the treatment of customers of all skin types. A skin test is always performed before starting treatment anywhere.

This is to ensure that your skin is appropriate. All our technicians are women and have seen many customers over the years and understand the level of sensitivity that some customers can feel with respect to specific areas of the body. However, all our professionals have a great experience and will ensure that their treatment is as comfortable as possible.


In the clinic of light pulsed we use the Mild Max Pro by Syneron Candela, which is the avant -garde in laser innovation. We are constantly updating our devices as they go on the market, guaranteeing consumers that they receive the best and fastest laser removal technology available today. Syneron Candela technology allows the clinic to clin. These lasers allow the treatment of caucasic, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, mestizos, Caribbean blacks, black, African blacks.

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