Language, Consciousness, The Human

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Language, consciousness, the human

Language gives the human being the ability to reflect on himself and in doing so, the question arises, who I am who we are, which gives rise to all explanatory versions to answer these questions. As the question has no answer, we use myths, religions, philosophy and listen to many humans, different ways of seeing us.

The question about who I am, from biology, has no answer: we are a set of atoms that form molecules that form organs, which constitute a body that has the power to reproduce, to grow and develop evolving within the limits of its biological structure. This is why it is difficult to say who I am, if what I want is to apply this way of being to our social structure, to find a favorable environment.

However, we currently have information, based on science to reconstruct a worldview, we no longer have to resort to myths, not even mystique. We can thus, follow the thread of the human and redesign all organizations without fear of making mistakes.

We can choose ours what to do, making sure (if we intend) that this is human, therefore, destiny belongs to us for better or worse. A cultural change is happening, and we have acquired more awareness, which guides us to be more ethical.

Today we can rebuild our society, based on a new way of looking at ourselves, which responds to the change of paradigm: we are what we do, and what we do creates the environment in which we develop.

We also know that there is no way to hold others responsible for our actions, the possibility of blaming the government or organizations, about what happens to us personally is ended.

It does not mean that the government and organizations should not respond for the assigned functions, quite the opposite, more than ever they should do it, and in fact, it is the issue of this conversation, but they are not in charge of our particular individual responsibilities. Each of us are responsible for our decisions and to assume the consequences. This must be considered by laws, politics, constitution and organizations, it is a lack of respect for human being to ignore their ability to respond to their duties and forget their rights

Inducing behaviors sometimes brings consequences. Sooner or later we will respond to our actions.

The understanding of universal laws and the principles that govern us, help us make human decisions.

I intend to define the context that human organization makes possible, understanding that the activities thus defined, also make us more effective, because, for economic solvency, in any activity we must necessarily follow the rules that accept and respect the other,from where cooperation arises.

Thousands of years ago we designed organizations with different objectives on Earth. As all these organizations are constituted by human beings, the consideration of the human should be in the first creation. That is, the choice of what I am going to do, and the second creation, as I am going to do it. The product or service should also be human.

Let’s see some human definitions:

In the SAR, there is no definition, but let’s see what he says

Human of Latin. Humānus.

Said of a being: that has a man’s nature (‖ be rational). OR. t. c. s., Frec. m. pl. To refer to the whole of men. The relationship between a god and a human. The language of humans.

Belonging or relative to man (‖ be rational). Man of man (‖ be rational). Comprehensive, sensitive to the misfortunes of others. Human act. Human capital. Google says: The human word comes from the Latin "humus" which means land, and the suffix "anus" indicates origin of something, in some cultures it was believed that the first man was made of clay, so that name was placed, ""human, a man who comes from earth ". Man is defined as a human being, an animal that belongs to the homo sapiens family.

To what Francisco Kastberger says, I would like to add the following:

Dr. Richard Andersen and a group of researchers from the prestigious Caltech (California Technology Institute) verified, through experiments, that there are neurons that act as commands of a remote control for each action or posture, so that these are programmed in the networksneuronal and that is why we can execute them almost automatically.(This topic has more complete subsequent explanations from science and what Jean Pierre Garnier Malet discovered, which we will see later)

This capacity for fine control of our hands was facilitated together with the increase in the size of our brain.

As seen outside the definition of Francisco Kastberger that seems surprising to me, we do not see much more, therefore, we will follow the long path:

The human.

The above, I think that more than showing us the human, it corresponds to some characteristics, I think that the human is, first in language and then in the sixth sense, that is, the ability to intuit and perceive the non -visible plane.

We are in an interesting time to address the human, we must recognize that we are living deep changes. There is a cleaning vibration, of greater awareness, we are less willing to tolerate abuse and injustice. Nigh children who bring a higher awareness are being born, so we see, Matías de Stefano and so many others who at 20 have superior knowledge and help to understand the current world. However, when there is cleaning, dirt appears.

Regarding education, with cybernetics and without early development we can have future adults very capable of high technologies and great ventures, but without ethics, or values, this is highly dangerous from the human perspective. When applying technology in education we should not lose sight of the human criterion.

The way we see ourselves as human beings, has changed radically in recent years. From pre -socratic and for about 2.500 years we have tried to discover who we are. Currently, maybe from George H. Mead (February 27, 1863 – April 26, 1931), from now on, and especially with Maturana, the question has been changed for “What do we do?". It is the question we will try to answer.

I do not intend to deepen, in all the issues, because there are some very complex, what I aspire is to reflect on the human being and how, act, make decisions and show their preferences, because their way of being, influences the design of their own desires, and of course in how it will be in organizations, to create awareness that can be chosen, ethical, evolutionary and productive activities, for the moment these three elements are inseparable.

The human with capital letters is a responsibility that we must assume personally since no one will do it for us. Humans even though we exist in an eternal present of here and now, we reflect on the past and the future, which sometimes generates disturbing thoughts, guilt, fears, hopes ..

We want to reconstitute the concepts of organizations, with reflections that contemplate human needs and possibilities. If we want to be really human, the environment that we create enables or prevents it, transforming into the trampoline of destiny or in our worst nightmare, and that will only depend on each one, because there is no other way for this to happen, if it is not for thisroute of our own observation.

Laws and governments are also us. If we are human we will have human laws and human governments, it depends on us.

The essence of the human is love, which is lived in peace and harmony, therefore, the purpose of each human being should contemplate this goal, which is called happiness. We must consider the other in the result of our actions, it is called respect. This is a consequence of our social unit, which is also shown in all stages of the development of living entities, that is, from the first cell onwards, where, it is already observed, which is viable only with exchanges with theExterior. In fact, the initial universe, the womb appears in our perceptual capacity as a space of interactive shared coexistence, which feeds us on all the plans, until we are born in a place that appears as it was already configured, and emerges in ourown being as part of him and as part of our creation in the interactions of living-compart, which really does not have a pre-existence.

The first 7 years, the first cycle of our existence, we generally continue connected to the place where we come, many times we maintain the memory of who we are, we turn 7 and our brain acquires the ability to reason, from then on we can learn mathematicsand some abstract concepts more easily. The other cycle is at age 14, puberty, where adolescence begins, at 21 we are already older (now at 18 for legal purposes) and we take care of ourselves to the extent of our consciousness. All we do is our responsibility and begins from very early.

I will opt for some metaphors that help look what we are:

On the one hand, we have a "hardware" that would be our body, with all its abilities and disabilities, emotions, sensations, language, thoughts, moods, movement, internal systems and limits with the external, that is, everything that isConsider body function from your ability to experience. On the other hand, we have a "software" that would be installed programs, that is, things learned as pride, vanity, arrogance, fear, humor, rigidity, culture and ego.

We can say that we are not hardware, since the body, emotions, thoughts, moods, we can observe them, therefore, we are more than the observed, we are also the observer. Nor are we software, that is, what we have learned, since, if it disappears, if we get rid of neurosis, we continue to exist.

Therefore, what remains that is what we are … that is, nothing? Who are we who observe that nothing, which is all. While we evolve, we are aware of us in the environment and observe through the ego. When we wake up we are only awareness, that covers the universe and ourselves in its entirety because there is no longer ego to observe or through which to observe, reality appears.

The limbic system, at every moment, sends signals that help us decipher if we act correctly, from the perspective of our universal values. Due to cultural learning, the mind processes these notices as faults, instead of taking them only as an indicative that the program that originates that behavior must be changed. In short, if we fully eliminate the programs that originate behaviors that give access to negative judgments, the organism eliminates tensions and toxins allowing greater energy circulation and both things arouse consciousness. The absence of negative judgments produces self-acceptance, generating positive emotional states that are reinforced with the vitality that produces greater energy circulation. These are experience of love or self-acceptance and as a consequence, we project them in others, as a feeling or emotion that we call universal love.

Therefore, what remains of that software is only love, so we say that our essence is love, which is the same as consciousness.

To say that we are nothing, it is also a metaphor that is related to the fact that matter and everything that is, is an illusion, but only for the higher vibrations level.

If we wanted to define the human from biology we can demonstrate that it is impossible, due to Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness theorem.

Hilbert’s second problem aims to prove the compatibility of arithmetic axioms. That is, starting from them, a finite number of logical steps, can never lead to contradictory results. Gödel’s famous theorem, establishes that in any formal symbolic system it is possible to build a proposition that cannot be tested, or refute in the same system.

The human being sri aurobindo

The man is pre-eminent. He is able to be embodied by God, it is not a mere upper mammal, he accepts and uses the way as a medium, the animal life that emerges from matter, is only the lower term of its existence.

Its mental and bodily existence is the basis of divine life in human being.

Well, knowledge, said, pleasure, life, survival, strength, power, growth, are the material of their works.

  • P 38. In a certain sense, all our experience is psychological, since even what we perceive for the senses, lacks meaning and value for us, until it is translated into the terms of sense-mind, that Hindus say that it is the only meaning.
  • P 39. Actually, all experience in its secret nature is, knowledge by identity.
  • P 40-. But where there are truths of reason, there must be a means of reaching them or verifying them through experience. Knowledge is contained in the continent. Then we can extend our faculty mental self-knowledge, to the knowledge of being itself that is beyond and outside us. It is about this possibility that the Hindu Vedanta has sought through the knowledge of being itself, the knowledge of the universe.


Comments from José de la Fuente, about what Humberto Maturana says of the human.

In the work the tree of knowledge, Maturana states that with the language ‘the phenomenon of self-consciousness appears as the most intimate experience of the human. We realize in a mutual linguistic coupling, which we bring to hand with others ’.

Maturana says that outside of language, we are not human. There are phenomena that occur only when language arises and not before. The peculiar human is not in manipulation, but in language and its intertwining with the exciting. If we are not in language, there is no reflection, there is no speech, we say nothing, we are simply without being until we reflect on being. Do we do something out of language? Yes, digestion, but if we do not distinguish it in language, there is no digestion.

Here I see how Maturana assigns to language a form of observation or being in, of Heidegger.

Interesting the contradiction with Francisco Kastberger, but I think that the development of fine motor skills could appear after language.

The human in Maturana Dávila

The human arises from intertwining the biological and the cultural, thus makes us aware that as living beings we operate in a matrix: sensory-operational-relational-cultural-cultural. As human beings we operate as observers and reflect on the biological matrix -Cultural that makes us possible and that we generate with our: tastes and preferences.

Know the human

The human appears in the memory and is lost when we feel separate since we are in the matter or body. To be able to see ourselves we have to get out of memory or memory, because both are in which they observe, then the look is not absolute, we see the influence influenced, assigning what we see something that is previous and has the bias of the experience.

According to Jean Klein, recognition is instantaneous, it is not a process.

Suddenly awareness and know who we are, in a mystical experience, or appears at special moments when we pass from one thought to another or in small silences that occur in our future and that many times do not pay attention or realize. However, a time comes or will come, in that if our conscience reaches the point of no return, there we know who we are, we become aware that we are a part of God or at all and together with discovering ourselves we discover or remember everything, and we are located in thetotality of the universe, in an awareness that is an instantaneous knowing outside the thinking and outside the ego.

In this regard, Jean Klein says: In the end you will see that what appeared as isolated moments is the continuous background of everything to do, think and feel. Will wrap everything you do and think as an omnipresent echo. It is this echo that leads you to look for the source of the echo and to be prepared to have a guide on your trip.

To find this permanent state a teacher was indispensable. Two phenomena have occurred that change this situation and we can approach this knowledge internally. Now we have science, especially quantum physics that allows us better understanding, both of ourselves and of God and the universe.

A teacher who takes himself as a teacher, needs those who take themselves by disciples. The guru is inside you and the truth consists in sharing beauty.

We are not a state therefore, what we are looking for cannot be outside, because otherwise one continues as a dog trying to bite the tail. You have to banish the desire to produce

Jean Klei says, feel yourself in this consciousness. Stay there and you will be captured by her. You will find yourself in a new dimension, in an expansiveness without object and without reference. It is a moment of astonishment, completely without cause.

Our intrinsic nature is meditation, which has no beginning or end. It is a non-state, a non-Experience, and is self-sufficient, free of any need for stimulation and free of any motivation to build images and structures.

The birds … appeared in my being, as an expression of myself. Appears because you see the intrinsic value of things.

Every true desire is achieved with the heart, it will lead to the absence of desire, which is love or peace. You are the answer you are looking for in all questions.

Money is from the mind .. 

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