Knowing The Theft Of Identity And How To Treat It

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Knowing the theft of identity and how to treat it


The crime of identity theft is an illegal activity that is generated when a person makes improper use of the personal information of another in order to obtain some economic benefit, mentioned crime is carried out by individuals who sail on the network seeking sensitive information andutility for its illicit purposes.

These individuals have been called hackers for their ease to intervene the information systems of people who house information in the Internet network without any personal data protection mechanism.

The purpose of this investigation is to identify what these individuals use to appropriate information as well as know the prevention activities that the institutions in charge of security in cyber crimes are benefiting for the citizenship.

In the same way, determine the negative impact it generates on the users of the Internet Net.


The computer crime known as identity theft is an illegal activity that was generated with the appearance of the Internet in society, at first this technology was reserved for military use, with the openness to the entire population it was used by individuals to profit fromThe information they could obtain on the network without any data protection mechanism, affecting the reputation, economic and financial stability of people and companies as well as attempt against the national security of countries that at some time their Internet services were seenaffected by individuals who are dedicated to the theft of information such as hackers.

This research aims to identify the way of operating hackers as well as showing whether these are people who work to meet their economic needs or carry out this activity on request or for the benefit of third parties, in the same way to know what is the position of the cyber policeIn relation to the crimes of the technological order and what are the actions they are undertaking to eradicate or in their case decrease this crime.

Description of the social problem

The crime of identity theft is an illegal activity carried out by the so -called hackers outside the law, to the detriment of people, companies and where appropriate, they compromise the national security of countries.

This investigation is intended to unravel what the method carried out by the perpetrators of cybercrime, specifically the crime of identity theft, as well as identify what is the negative impact it produces on society.

In the same way, it is intended to raise some initiative or request to the institutions in charge of the prevention of cyberdelites in order to activate some type of mechanism in favor of citizenship that makes use of the Internet network, guiding and warning of theImportance of the protection of their personal information that rise on the network and which are exposed to the subtraction for illicit purposes.

General objective

Activate data protection mechanisms of the Internet network users to avoid or in your case reduce identity theft.

Present some type of law initiative in order to press the authorities in charge of the prevention of cyber crimes alert the users of the Internet network through forums.

Problematization and contextualization

Identity theft is a computer crime that has developed rapidly in the network and manifests itself in different ways to the detriment of society that makes use of the Internet to carry out its banking, labor activities, the sending and reception of personal data, situation, situationthat the so -called hackers take the opportunity to intervene networks through technological mechanisms capable of extracting information for their own or groups.

These types of illegal activities have the ability to violate countries security systems in order to destabilize them economic and socially to direct them towards certain purposes of other nations or particular interests.


The purpose of this investigation is about how to prevent identity theft on the Internet in order to avoid being a victim of cybercrime, either as a country to prevent its national security from being violated by putting their political stability at serious risk, economic and social as well as of the natural persons who are extorted or forced to subject to the requests of technological criminals to achieve their purposes or as moral people, causing enormous economic damage to companies that are prey to this type of illegal activities.

The crime of identity theft is a cybercrime that continues upwards according to citizens’ perceptions, coupled with that, there are no reliable statistics that demonstrate the fact.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) in graph at 1 of the Annex can be seen that the crimes considered as cyber fraud have risen up to 36% with respect to the previous year and thatThey continue to increase without the police officers can take control of this situation.

Research method

The method to carry out the investigation into the crime of identity theft is the qualitative in order to know the circumstances and the elements used by hackers to carry out this type of illegal in the network.

Theoretical framework

Identity theft is the use that is given for illegal purposes to the personal data found on the Internet in order to obtain an economic or other benefit to the detriment of countries, people or companies.

The Federal Criminal Code in its article 211 bis states that: who reveals, disseminates or uses or uses another, information or images obtained in a private communication intervention, sanctions of six to twelve years in prison will be applied to himthree hundred to six hundred days fine.

The Criminal Code of the State of Yucatan in its article 243 Septies establishes that: commits the crime of theft of identity to which by any means, the identity of another person is attributed or grants their consent to carry out the impersonation of their identity for purposesillegal or profit to commit offensive behaviors, obtain financial resources for itself or in favor of third parties or the realization of any other crime provided for in the legal provisions.

The so -called hackers are the specialist personnel in obtaining information on the Net.

Work methodology

In this case, it consists in the collection of information on the cyber crime called identity theft and that is perpetrated by people who have access to the Internet network and who have the ease of extracting sensitive information from nations, companies and people,improperlying this information to obtain some type of benefit.

Define the object of the problem through the analysis and comparison of the information available, to give course to a line of work that leads us to the solution of the problem in this case through the qualitative method that consists of the identification of theprocedure and circumstances carried out by hackers to achieve their objective.

Scope and limitations of research

The scope of the investigation into the crime of identity theft could be that you can have contact with an individual who dedicates himself to the crime of identity theft and that he can share his illegal activities, in order to obtain first -line information.

Limitations in relation to the crime of identity theft can be for example as far as the laws in force regarding access to information without damage to third parties are allowed in order to avoid legal problems.


The purpose of the investigation into the crime of identity theft is to identify the mechanisms and the procedure carried out by the so -called hackers for the realization of this crime that is currently called cyber or cybercrime crime.

Similarly, raise awareness in the population that makes use of the Internet network in order to take their security measures around their personal data they provide, providing for theft of their data which can be used for some extortion,fraud, theft of bank accounts, among others.

Work schedule

Establish a line of work starting by collecting information on the cyber crime called identity theft, illegal activity that the so -called hackers are carried out in the Internet network, establishing the start and end dates of each activity, as well as defining the object byreach at each stage of the research process to integrate the final project. (Consult Annex A2)

Alternative solutions

One of the possible solutions to the problem of identity theft at least nationally is to propose to the corresponding most effective sanction initiatives with the objective of inhibiting the criminal action of hackers.

Another possible solution alternative may be that the authorities in charge of the prevention of cyber crimes activate online forums related to the security measures that Internet network users must adopt in order to avoid being victims of cybercrime.


At present, the crime of identity theft have annexed a large number of cyber crimes that have evolved with the updates of information technologies, a situation that exceeds security institutions in particular to the groups in charge of the prevention ofCyber crimes.

In terms of national security, several countries have seen their technological security systems violated as hacking, where public information has been leaked to public opinion that endangers its economic and military stability.

For these reasons at the current era, forced marches are worked on technological projects on safety and protection of all information that circulates in the Internet network, so that several countries that have common interests in accordance with blocks to deal with attacksof organizations that seek to destabilize them financially and militarily.

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