Know The Motivation That Led A Woman To Get Rid Of An Organ To Help A Stranger

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Know the motivation that led a woman to get rid of an organ to help a stranger


The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood. From it extract minerals and waste that are discarded with urine. If for any reason the kidneys stop working, it is necessary to practice dialysis to clean the blood in an assisted way. But this is just a palliative treatment while a donor is expected that often does not arrive. Therefore, if a woman donates a kidney to a stranger it is a special event that deserves attention.



A woman donates a kidney to a stranger

Jim Abed lives in the city of Fairfax, Virginia. He is the father of 2 children and, due to problems with their kidneys, increasingly frequent dialysis should be practiced. With a couple of years on the waiting list for a compatible donor, Abed’s time was exhausted. Not to find a new kidney soon, I would simply die.

His niece wanted to collaborate and presented the case on Facebook. To his surprise, he obtained an answer. Maysa Slominski seemed incredible that a former workman was willing to donate a kidney to his uncle. However, it was true. Crysti Shirley had read about the case and decided to donate one of his kidneys so that Abed could continue living.

But not all kidneys are compatible with all people. Crysti had to undergo countless exams to determine if his kidney would be rejected by ABED agency. They were tense days, loaded with fear and expectations. Depending on the exams and their results, Abed could receive a new kidney and prolong his life.

With surprise and relief, Abed knew that Crysti was his perfect donor. The results of the exams were clear, both were fully compatible. If Crysti did not change his mind and maintained his offer, Abed would receive a kidney that would save his life. Finally, both surgeries took place at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Crysti did not know Abed and, in principle, there was no reason to donate his kidney. Beyond the risk of surgery, Crysti was exposed with this decision to suffer in the future renal insufficiency and in turn need another donor. But none of this was important for Crysti, a woman of deep faith who only saw an opportunity to do good.

According to Fox News, Crysti knew in his heart that he had to donate the kidney to Abed. I can’t explain it to the news channel. And later: it is I who has received a blessing. My desire is that he can go out and live a full and beautiful life. God called me to do this, I don’t need them to thank me.


A woman donates a kidney to a stranger because he knew, according to her testimony, that this was the will of God. Miracles are not frequent, but they do happen, as Jim Abed has been able to verify. Learn more about the bionic kidney, a new advance of science. Finally, you can know in the following video what life is like after a kidney transplant.  

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