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KFC ads and promotions


Kentucky Fried Chickn Kreamball Choco-Bar. Dear Marketing Manager: According to my research, I think that Kentucky Fried Chicken from Mexico Kreamball from Mexico would be a good product to market in the United States. Because this is a product of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Nutella and KFC and Nutella are already popular in the USA. UU., It would be easy to market this product for consumers. I suggest that we take the advertising ideas of the KFC ads of Mexico and Nutella ads in the US. UU. To create a good ad.


KREAMBALL CHOCO-AVELLANA Mexico ads. I used a convene text to suggest Kreamball as a good dessert. This puts the idea of ​​getting a Kreamball on the head of the spectators and the colorful ad at the end of the commercial is very striking and tempting for the spectators. The announcement would be better if it sounded like the conversation that is being read or background music. Printed ads and flyers. Printed ads and flyers, such as the one located at the top of the first page, use professional photos of the product to look tempting for spectators. Some ads also have the price to show that it is affordable.

Nutella Ads from the United States. Announcement of ‘The best mom of all. One of Nutella’s most popular ads emphasizes how much children love her and will love her parents for giving them. We could include this idea in our marketing strategies. I think we should use ideas from the advertisements of both countries to successfully market this product in the USA. UU. Nutella is very successful, so it would be advisable to market our product similar to their because both have Nutella. Nutella commercials in the United States focus on Nutella being a breakfast for breakfast. 


I think we should use this idea and then add a turn that Nutella can also be dessert. I think we should use the idea of ​​Mexican commercial that people always want dessert. A possible slogan is ‘your favorite breakfast has just improved.’If we use this slogan, we could emphasize that, thanks to the new KFC dessert, you can now eat Nutella at any time of the day. After studying both we and Mexican ads, I think KFC’s Kreamball dessert will be very successful and popular among consumers. I am open to your comments or any questions that arise or other commercial and slogan ideas. Many successes in their next ventures.

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