Keys To Understand Sustainable Interior Design

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Keys to understand sustainable interior design

Today we are increasingly concerned about the environment. In this way, we are gradually including in our culture habits and customs focused in this regard, with small gestures such as recycling or not using plastic bags when we buy. But this trend is not a whim, but it is about creating a world away from pollution, which will mean great benefits for our health. But we must not limit themselves only to those previously mentioned routines, but we can also introduce this trend in our homes, through a sustainable interior design, creating ecological and responsible spaces with the environment.

And so that you know the importance of having a home focused for this purpose, we are going to give you the keys so you can get it. So take note and put it into practice.

Importance of ecology in your home

Although we were not realizing, the construction of our houses was formed by materials that became one of the main factors of environmental pollution. For this reason, the current architecture is focused on introducing techniques that favor ecology, with which the results are already beginning to be obtained.

The main purpose of sustainable interior design, therefore, is to reduce environmental aggravation by half with the aim of enhancing sustainability, achieving optimal results to motivate the population and extend this methodology in different areas. For this reason, this tendency to ensure that interior design is not incompatible with the environment is important.

And, of course, an interior designer has to get a design design for this purpose, since he is the main responsible for it.

What materials can you find for sustainable interior design?

In this sense, you have the option to choose natural raw materials for your home such as woods, stones, paintings or metals. In addition to providing benefits to your health, they collaborate with the purpose of creating a more habitable world since during their manufacture they follow appropriate criteria for this purpose.

When painting the walls of your home, you can find ecological and organic enamels that, at the same time of respecting the environment, are not harmful to the body, as with conventional paintings that can become toxic.

Other appropriate materials for this purpose are the stone. In this case they are very appropriate, for example, for the countertop of your kitchen, which is usually covered with boards made of marble dust remains.

Actually, sustainable interior design can be carried out throughout your home. Thus, for example, for lamps or carpets you will find in the market a wide offer of decorative items made of recycled glass or natural fibers.

Also if you have chimney is better that this does not need smoke outlet or fossil fuels and for your furniture decántate better by those that are manufactured by natural fibers from bamboo or coconut.

As for your windows, it is better to dress them with paper blinds or curtains made with natural fabrics. As you will see, sustainable interior design allows us to create very creative and flirtatious spaces at the same time.

Benefits of a sustainable interior design

The creation of responsible spaces with ecology will favor not only the environment in which we live, but also to the people we are within it, as we will see below:

  • Cost decrease: the materials used are normally of natural or recycled origin. And, as a consequence, energy consumption and water consumption expenses also decrease.
  • Protects the ozone layer and ecosystems: in this type of architecture less energy is used, so the exposure of harmful gases for the ozone layer is avoided and this in turn reduces global warming. Sustainable interior design also favors ecosystem and animal fauna habitats.
  • Benefits health: having high quality interior spaces is vital since a large part of the population remains in them for more than 80% of the time. As this type of housing lacks toxic materials, they favor that we can take advantage of sunlight and ventilation is more natural, it will mean well -being among its inhabitants.


It is obvious, therefore, that sustainable interior design will benefit us in every way. In addition, it is available to everyone and we can even decorate our houses with articles that favor the environment, which we can find in more places. As in Ecolovy, a store where we make furniture and other objects with recycled materials. Its manufacture is totally handmade and people who are at risk of social exclusion participate in it. Thus, while contributing to the environment, we care about this group.

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