Karl Marx And Economic Theory

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Karl Marx and Economic Theory


Marx’s economic theory says that the value of a merchandise depends on the work that people do to achieve it, Marx tells us that the exchange is generated when two goods please the needs of the other individual, that is, when they do not have the same use value, this occurs in the relationship between man and things, it is no less important for this value to find its source in the nature of things, the subjective value of a good for a specific individual is something impossible to quantify and, to comparewith what is worth another good for the same individual and, much less, with what is worth the same for another individual.


As a consequence of the above, for Marx, as for the entire classical tradition, the utility is not immediately related to the exchange, the exchange of the goods is obvious an act characterized by a total abstraction of the use value, Marx wrote about how to surviveIn a capitalist society, most people are forced to sell the only thing that has their work in exchange for money, according to him this transaction is unequal, which can lead to exploitation and alienation, the individual can endfeeling that he has lost his humanity.

He wanted more for the workers, wanted us to be independent, creative, and owners of our own time. Marx himself who points out how the power of social work, due to its fragmentation in falsely autonomous private units, appears as an alien and uncontrollable power, and its objectives adopt the fetishist forms of value and money, this inequality inevitably leads to a conflictThat he calls ‘classes’, which is the positive engine of history, in a capitalist society, the proletarians irremediably seek to suppress this relationship of domination.


Through a revolution to found a fair society, it is about opposing socialism, judged as utopian, bourgeois or reactionary, and explaining the advent of a fair society, after the victory of the proletariat in the class struggle, the pillars of communismThey are the abolition of private property and then the birth, after the dictatorship of the proletariat, of a society without classes and without a state also for Marx religion is a distraction that allows the exploited to forget their misery and that can be used by the powerfulor in a phrase celebrates like the "opium of the people".

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