Junk Food Is Harmful

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Junk food is harmful


Fast food is all types of food prepared quickly, conveniently and economically. You can buy fast food in almost all places where they sell meals and snacks. Dispensation machines, self-service restaurants and self-service stores that work 24 hours a day are probably the most common sites where you can buy fast food. 

Fast food is so popular because for less than $ 5.00 You can buy a full meal. Fast food is not expensive, since it is usually prepared with cheap ingredients, such as meat with a high fat content, refined grains and sugar and fats added instead of nutritious foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. 


In 1920, the first stores in the United States appeared in hamburgers, although it was not until 1937 when the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald’s began using production chains, with the intention of being able to attend in a few minutes under the orders of the multitude of peoplethat had to eat in a small time. 

The client’s profile was then the worker and with low salaries. In 1948, they introduced the concept of Drive-in-Restaurant for their businesses, where only Hot Dogs were served in response to the demand for a meal in the car and low prices, although the business of the McDonald’s brothers had to go through somechanges until you reach the known franchise worldwide. In the mid -twentieth century imitations began as Burger King and Wendy.

Health experts say that fast food is not very healthy because small amounts of food concentrate many calories, that is, if it is eaten sporadically, it would not cause a health risk. However, working conditions, as well as lack of time, make fast food the option of many people to be able to eat quickly and with a low cost, as usual. 

The large amounts of fat that provides fast food makes it unhealthy, so in Italy in 1986 the opposite term, Slow Food or Slow Food was invented, with the intention of recovering traditional foods and flavors that leave fast food behind, fast food leaves behind,They use natural substitute products for those who use fast food, for example, natural tomato against ketchup used in fast food. 

The lack of vitamins and fibers, in addition to a large number of fats and cholesterol, can cause supercharging and obesity. Excess calories is very well reflected with this small comparison;A normal fast -food restaurant that consists of a hamburger with double cheese, fried potatoes and a medium snack and ice cream carry a total of 1213 calories, while a mixed salad, a steak and a fruit barely reach 850 calories. 

Not only does the amount of calories influence, but it is also important. The abuse of these fats is due to the difficulty they have to enrich themselves and to preserve their integrity better than the oils used in the kitchen. Abuse of this type of fat in addition to obesity can cause other problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

The lack of time is one of the reasons indicated as responsible for the abuse of fast food. According to the investigation, the lack of time leads to a poor diet that happens today in our society, with schedules that often leave one hour for lunch. This means that work hours are largely responsible for this lack of dedication to food that forces us to resort to fast food, although these causes are more concentrated in the labor sector, since young consumers resort to this foodfor your convenience.

 Flavor, appearance and for its low cost. For all this, the time dedicated to making the purchase and preparation of food has been reduced considerably. Many foods that are purchased are precooked, foods that enter the fast food category because they meet the characteristics of this. They are also fast and easy to eat, low cost and mostly with high calorie consumption. This causes the abuse of fast food not only in restaurants specialized in these foods, but also occurs at home.

If you regularly eat in fast food restaurants, the effects on your health can be disastrous. Studies have shown that people who eat fast food more than twice a week drastically increase their chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and a series of other chronic problems, and there may be more reasons to worry. According to an investigation published in Environmental Health Perspectives, people who eat fast food regularly have higher levels of phthalates in their bodies. 

Fthalates are chemical substances that can alter hormones and affect fertility. Some of the effects that junk food can have on our body are: weight gain: it provides many calories, with only such a meal we are ingesting half of the energy we need for the whole day, this adds to energyThat he gives us the rest of the food of the day, the amount of calories ingested is excessive which favors weight gain;Cholesterol increase.

The products used in the preparation of junk food, butter, sauces, cream, coconut oil, etc., They provide us with an excess of saturated fats that can lead to a serious increase in blood cholesterol;Heavy digestions: fried foods with a lot of fat that makes them quite outrageous and that favor difficult digestions;They can create addiction: as we said, junk food has a lot of preservatives, dyes, excess salt, strong condiments and additives that improve flavor.

The great consumption, often excessive of fast foods, has caused an increase in childhood obesity and adults also. One of the fast food problems is the consumption of excessive energy intake, this characteristic being of great importance in regard to obesity. We must say that obesity is a disease characterized by an imbalance in the energy balance, which is the result of energy input and spending. 

When the contribution exceeds the expense, the balance is positive and, therefore, results in an increase in weight, which can finally lead to obesity. This alteration in balance is also favored by the sedentary lifestyle and genetic factors. It can be said that in most cases of childhood obesity, always avoiding those cases in which there are pathologies such as intolerance or hypothyroidism, one of the causes is fast food consumption. 


It is very important to keep in mind that when we talk about obesity, we talk about a great risk of suffering a series of diseases, in many fatal cases. The food is closely related to cardiovascular diseases. This is clearly seen when we list the main causes of death in our country: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high levels of LDL cholesterol. We live in a hurry and this way of life also influences our diet. This ease and speed of preparation can be considered advantages of this type of food, but it is a type of food that, in the long run, will have its effect on our body, we should feed better to have a long life.


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