Julio César, Exceptional Birth And Military Politician

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Julio César, exceptional birth and military politician

Rome and greed were grabbed by hands, this thirst that poisoned politics, the desire of power was the one that little by little was destroying what we know as the greatest empire of the civilizations of the West, it reaches the top whenThe most powerful men in Rome compete to be the absolute supreme of the Roman Republic and only one will overcome, this will take the loot, honor and wealth with him, his name was Julio César and he would be marked throughout history as a modelof ambition and tyranny.

He was born in the year 100 to.C In the cradle of a Patricia family, one of the most distinguished in Rome, but when he was born, his family was not as rich and powerful as the legend states. Because of this, César wanted to recover for his family the glory and the preponderant position that is said to be his ancestors.

It grew in an environment where anarchy reigned in Rome, they are revolt times and violent political confrontations, people witnessed daily bloods and deaths, the murder was as important as the polls, violence should not be the means fordecide the great political issues and the destiny of the country, but as we all know, violence engenders more violence.

That was the troubled world in which Julio Cesar grew, being a teenager and going by sea to study at Rodas Island, Cesar was kidnapped by pirates who asked for a rescue for him, were the greatest pirates and traffickers of slaves of the Mediterranean, they madePrisoner to Cesar and asked for a rescue, it took to recover the money and spend a lot of time with the pirates. He was not an ordinary Roman and was not scared, the pirates were a great threat to the aristocracy, but showed that even before the greatest of the dangers he knew how to get victorious. Cesar achieved freedom and the pirates ended up before the Roman justice and were crucified to serve as food for scavengers.

Before becoming one of the most powerful leaders in history, Julio Cesar is a satin soldier of the Roman army, at age 16 his father died, he ran out of nothing and had to make his way in life and he knows that he can onlyRecover family glory is through the Army. It seems to desire the same as many men of that time, the desire to be the richest, the most famous, the most famous of all. Gloria was the only thing all Romans wanted and that lies in military success.

For a decade, Cesar went up with a rank, becoming a fierce soldier, he and thousands of soldiers conquer territories for Rome for Rome. In the last 400 years, Rome became a city of only five km² to a superpower of more than 1,150,000 km².

At 30 years of age he was an experienced soldier, he was sent to a province of Rome called Hispania, he proved to have so much value that any other soldier and began to forge the military reputation of Cesar and as should know, any member of theElite who showed to have value and coldness on the battlefield would achieve political influence in Romemost prestigious in the time of Rome as a republic.

Like many others, he was born to be a politician, he was a great writer and speaker. Cesar could manipulate you to do what he wanted with just a simple speech. Quality that we can see in many of the politicians and characters in history such as Pericles, Alexander the Great, Holy Thomas de Aquino, getting closer to today could be Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and even Adolf Hitler.

Among many of his fans was Marco Gross, who was the son of Servilia, a lover of Cesar. This would later become a politician and military in the final stage of the Republic.

Julio Cesar wanted to introduce new political reforms, so it became a threat to healing and aristocracy. It was his antithesis in every way. For Cesar it was crucial for the Senate to give him the government of the Gaul, since, if he succeeded, he would get money from the looting and with the captured enemies when selling them as slaves, but due to this conflict that he always had to cease with theSenate this was denied.

In the brutal political arena of Rome, he should not fight alone, being a person at least intelligent who perfectly understood this, Cesar meets with the two most powerful men in the Republic, one was his old friend Craso, who was the most manRico de Roma and the other was the celebrated General Pompeyo Magno known as Pompeyo el Grande. This union was not easy, since there were conflicts between Crassus and Pompey, but Cesar, cunning as a gladiator in the circus convinced both of them to help him win the elections and take control of the Senate.

From this we can get that Cesar was truly the third man, although he would not be distinguished militarily as Pompey or he was as rich as Crassus, he was brilliant and had an aura and a charism that the others did not possess.

This extraordinary alliance was known as the triumvirate, which, had so much power that the political apparatus controlled and could in some sense assign positions at will, this is obvious, put an end to the political freedom of the aristocracy that had been very highesteem. To close the pact, Cesar proposed a marriage contract between his daughter Julia and Pompeyo. 

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