Judicial, Legal And Respect Guarantees

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Judicial, legal and respect guarantees

Judicial, legal and respect guarantees are a means to protect free civil acts; With principle, the power of status is restricted; From this perspective, the judicial rights and guarantees announced today are called constitutional principles because they originated in the legal system. To ensure its effective.

While the country has the right to decide conflicts and know the truth, its activities are strictly restricted by many principles. Legislators believe that guaranteeing the legal security of citizens does not help protect other rights, but the procedures that can ensure that these rights must be implemented will respect fundamental rights, because if these constitutional guarantees are not respected, resident citizens will be respected, The country is absolutely helpless. In this way, we can define the judicial guarantees of the Constitution as a mechanism provided by law so that civilians have the power to defend their legitimities, claim their taxes and that are not violated or unduly restricted and, ultimately, receive a compensation if they are violated. In this way, judicial protection is an institutional process whose main objective is to protect their judicial rights and ensure respect for the principle of judicial political supremacy.

At present of our country, the guarantee of the judicial mandate is of the utmost consideration, in particular in the criminal procedural order, because if the country’s practices are not constitutionally guaranteed, there will be no valid trial; In the beginning we must observe if the judicial guarantees are maintained until the sentence is fully implemented during the trial.

The program system guarantee is technically standardized. Article 23, paragraphs 17 and 24 of the Political Constitution, that is, the clause of the necessary course with all guarantees; In addition, this is the cornerstone of the whole process, that is, no guarantee is more important than a fair process. We must remember that, if Ecuador is a democracy and we live in a country of law, that country must be positioned to ensure that this is exactly what the new Criminal Procedure Law does.

It is emphasized that the central and most important objective of the new regulations is to achieve the effectiveness of these constitutional guarantees of the procedural argument, since it controls that people and their basic rights are the center of national law and the current order and are very important.

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