Joker: Know From The Worst To The Best Interpreter Of The Character

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Joker: Know from the worst to the best interpreter of the character


Throughout the history of the Batman series and its constant versions of films, different versions of the fictional character El Joker have also emerged. In Spanish it is called the guason and is a archNEENEMI of the superhero Batman, perhaps the worst enemy, the most evil and the most representative. Although others like the penguin and the riddle were too. 


The actors who have played this role, have done so according to the criteria of the spectators, some better and a worse. But, passing from Jack Nicholson to Joaquin Phoenix, which is the best and which worst? Next, we will meet them: Jared Leto interpreted the character in Luisana, United States around 1971 and, during filming, he was dedicated to sending the rest of the cast that participated, various packages, which contained rats, pork heads, etc. It turned out to be a villain with excess testosterone and in the end he was defeated by a woman, Harley Quinn.

Cameron Monaghan after his participation in the Gotham series between the years 2014 and 2019, he was alopécico and quite emaciated. In the opinion of experts in action and cinematography, it has been one of the worst. César Romero the original, was the first Joker in history, so it has been a reference for the following, making an imitation, some improved. His participation in the series of the year 1966 in both the series and in the film was such that he never shaved his mustache, expressing that: When you wear a suit like the Joker, you already have the character.

Heath Ledger in his performance in the dark gentleman in 2008, was majestic, actually one of the best of all. He worked for weeks before filming, looking among the different voice tones that were adequate for the villain, studying the different stories of El Guasón day and night.

Ledger was an actor who for this reason took an Óscar, because he knew how to give true meaning to that role. So much got into the character that ended up deranged and died a few months before the premiere of the film, for an overdose at 28 years of age.

Jack Nicholson the best actor, the best Joker, in the movie Batman in 1989. His acting technique was unique, then, he did not become the Joker, rather he made that character become him. In this way, he got the villain to have the characteristics and ironic and hypertatrical features of other of his characters.

One of the favorite scenes is when he could go to the rhythm of Prince’s soundtrack while throwing tickets through the air, in short, the number 1 of the idols of evil was won.


In the series of the 60s that starred Adam West, Romero gave his character a very elegant style. Joaquin Phoenix this actor had to lose weight to embody El Joker, in the most recent film. Basically, I mimic Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire in movements. In the opinion of the experts he has been a poor and precarious character. In fact, fans think that explaining the reason for their evil is to make the character less and have considered that their performance is above the story.

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