Joe Biden And Donald Trump’S Presidential Debate

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s presidential debate


In an unknown land for Biden, Trump led to his land to the Democratic presidential candidate. The debate began at 9:00 p.m. in Mexico and both rivals were run over, interrupting each other. Cataloged by some Spanish media, such as the newspaper Marca, of being a "show of shit". Divided into six 15 -minute intervals and with a script with six specific issues: political management and history, the Supreme Court, Pandemia, racial protests, electoral integrity (vote by mail) and the economy in general. Yesterday was a chaotic debate, populated with insults and attacks below the table;A type of street fighting that Biden is not accustomed. 


An undeniable sign of the times lived in the United States, divided and exasperated, with a president who does not respect protocols. In the context of street struggle, foreign to the investiture of president of the most powerful country in the world, Trump seems to reach Biden, the latter taken from his habitat, also fell into the easy discourse of insult, however, he did not see himself as a futurePresident. Biden marches ahead for 6.1% nationwide and 3.5% in the key states, according to an average of RealclearPolitics. Everything is said, of course, because Trump has shown that he can surprise in unthinkable land. But it seems difficult for this debate to help you go. 

The president’s strategy to recover land immediate. He came to exasperate him: “Could you shut up, man?”, Biden snapped when he was interrupted for the umpteenth time. The president also did not respect the rules of moderator, Chris Wallace, who tried several times to calm him in vain. In the previous hours, Trump had said that his rival needed to get high to improve his performance in the debates and suggested that he had mental problems. 

There was also talk that there was teleprompters and hidden headphones so that it could receive external help. That strategy was risky because it was expected that Trump had to destroy such a weak rival. For the opinion of the American media, Biden not only endured, but returned blows. "Clown, a liar, little intelligent, racist, the worst president in history," were some of the accusations that were launched before an Azorado audience. Donald Trump was rude and permanently interrupted Biden. The president humiliated himself and looked like a spoiled and anxious child of four years. Strategy that made Biden victim, since he fell into his game. 


Trump’s work was not to overcome, but to reach the rival. According to the CNN departure survey, in terms of the economy, the voters who saw the debate were divided, with 50% in favor of Biden and 48% in favor of Trump. In general, 63% of those who saw the debate said Biden had the best plan to solve the country’s problems (30% said Trump had it) and that it seemed to be the strongest leader (55% of Biden against the43% Trump). Before the debate, Trump was surpassed by an overwhelming advantage of Joe Biden who, in general terms, the Democrat exceeded 50% of voters in favor, for 43% of voters in favor of the Republican and current president.

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