Jean Grenouille’S Story In Perfume

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Jean Grenouille’s story in perfume

This story is about a boy named Jean Grenouille, who nation in the worst places, with frightening smells, around rotten fish, and his mother at birth the child what he did was cut the cord with the same knife with which they cutThe fish who had a frightful smell with which the child was with that marked smell. His mother is arrested by infanticide, and that child’s brothers did not accept him and the term being delivered to nodrizas.

The young man in his childhood realized that he had a gift, it was that he had a sense of spectacular smell, he put smells at long distances, such as people, objects and others. One day the child perceived a smell like none who came from a young redhead, to whom I kill for the smell that attracted him so much, at that time the young man was driving in sleep, that it was to perceive wonderful odors, as well asThat of that girl that boy went to Paris where she was her place, since there are the best perfumers, he knows someone called Baldini, he was a perfumer who did not have such a good economy, since he had beenGet with perfume to cause impression, the young man managed to convince his boss Baldini that he had a gift, began to create perfumes and gradually the economy of that perfumer was improving.

The young man manages to survive a deadly disease, and at 18 he was released from creating perfumes, and decidesof that young woman, but this time I would not kill her but would wait 2 years to be able to perceive it well. He seeks to create a perfect perfume, but for that he had to kill more than 25 people to get the one he wanted, but finally he decides to kill the young woman of that smell, and collects his hair, but all those murders of that young man to theFinal were discovered and found that he was the murderer, but he threw himself a perfect perfume which he had created, and left everyone at his feet, and manages to escape. But the young man ends up being killed by the same perfume, since everyone wanted that perfume of that smell a little and they all determined to eat pieces of his skin and young man of that smell died.     

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