Jamaican Food Flavors Pleasures

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Jamaican food flavors pleasures


Eating in Jamaica is a full experience for the senses. The list of foods, ingredients and food preparation techniques is quite extensive. In addition, and as usually happens, there are also dishes that are the result of different types of culinary mergers. Others, on the other hand, are local and typical of the island. Jamaican gastronomy is mainly characterized by being the result of the influence of several cultures, within which the European, African, Asian and indigenous. Therefore, it is common to find products cultivated on this island, but originating from other latitudes. 


Eating in Jamaica, an expanding universe The modifications of the foreign dishes incorporated into the Jamaican diet are the result of a reinterpretation of the average Jamaican taste. For them it is essential to put a particular identity seal of their culture. Jamaica’s gastronomy includes Rastafari cuisine, which has an emphasis on vegetarian food and from which there is a very varied offer. On the other hand, it should be noted that Jamaican gastronomy has obtained an international expand. The internationalization of Jamaican food is the result of the emigrations of their nationals to other latitudes. 

Especially towards the United States and several European countries, where they have great acceptance. Chicken Jerk El Jerk Pollo is one of the most traditional dishes, which is worth eating in Jamaica. Basically it is marinated chicken dam with strong condiments that are roasted. These ingredients include black pepper, pepper of Jamaica and nutmeg. In addition, cinnamon, laurel, chopped scallions, scotch bonnet peppers, ginger, garlic, salt, brown sugar, white vinegar, thyme and vegetable oil. For their preparation, all ingredients and liquefy should be mixed until a homogeneous paste is obtained, which is known as ‘idiot’. 

In a deep bowl, chicken dams are available together with the Jerk paste, everything mixes and after 6 hours the grill is roasted until a complete cooking. It is accompanied with white rice, Jamaicin bread or salad. The dish is very spicy. Patty Jamaiquino Patty Jamaiquino is a set of exquisite empanadas, much appreciated in the country. The ingredients are divided into two parts, some for the dough and others for the filling. Among the former are wheat flour, water, butter, turmeric, egg yolks and salt. For the filling, turmeric, parsley, thyme, ginger, pepper, ground meat, pepper of jamaica, onion, cardamom, rum, tomato and salt. 

For the preparation, the ingredients corresponding to the dough are combined, until a homogeneous paste is obtained. It is allowed to stand for 60 minutes, extends with roller and cut 10 centimeters. For the filling all ingredients are chopped finely, mix and cooked in a pan. Finally the Patty are assembled and fry or bake at 200 ° C for 20 minutes. Curry Curry to Curry or Curry de Cabra is a dish that can’t stop eating in Jamaica. It is especially prepared during some festivities or family events. Is part of the Hindu inheritance of Jamaica. 

It carries goat meat, curri, Jamaica pepper, peppers, salt, scallions, onion, butter, ginger, cinnamon, carrot and potatoes. For their preparation, all spices are mixed and liquemed. The paste obtained is mixed with goat meat cut into cubes and is left overnight. In a large pan, butter melts and fry the meat over low heat. Then, in a large pot with water, this meat is deposited over high heat, so that it boils at least one hour. Subsequently, be addicted to other ingredients and be a cook until they are ready, rice and peas the rice and peas is actually rice with beans, but that’s what they call them in Jamaica. 

Anyway, it constitutes one of the most popular dishes. Within its ingredients are, of course, red beans, coconut milk, onion, garlic, thyme, Scottish green pepper, white rice and salt. In their preparation, beans must be left overnight in order to hydrate them, although another alternative is to use canned beans. The same applies to coconut milk. In a pot, beans, rice, coconut milk, water and salt are introduced. The onions with branch, garlic and thyme finely chopped, to boiling. Then leave a low heat until sequel. Ackee with salted fish the ackee with salty fish is probably the most traditional dish for breakfast in Jamaica. 

There are several versions of Ackee, but here we present what we consider more delicious. The ingredients are: Bonely salted fish, green mango or banana, onion, thyme, black pepper, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper, red pepper and oil. For the preparation the fish is boiled in a pot with only water until the greatest amount of salt is removed, then washed and cut into pieces. Then the handle or green banana is cooked. In a pan with hot oil, the thyme, onion and red peppers are skipped, all finely chopped, and the full scotch bonnet pepper is added. 


Finally, fish is added together with the handle or banana and mixed everything for five minutes. Black pepper is sprinkled and served. Bammy El Bammy is one of the greatest food in Jamaica. More than a dish, he is a companion of other dishes or an entremés. Its preparation is very simple and its exquisite flavor. The base of his recipe is found in cassava and salt;Additionally, you can carry other ingredients, but the favorite is coconut milk. For its preparation, cassava or scratch is used, to which a little salt and a little coconut milk is added. It kneads until a homogeneous mixture is obtained and arepas are formed from the desired size. In a pan he melts butter and can fry until golden. It is a dish worth eating in Jamaica.

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