It Is The Explanation A Previous Requirement For The Prediction

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It is the explanation a previous requirement for the prediction

"Scientists work on giving explanations to the phenomena that occur in nature, however, it should not only be explained but should also predict". Therefore, we can say that the relationship, explanation-prediction is fundamental. In my student experience and I have been able to verify that the explanations through concept maps have allowed me to understand and predict more effectively.

The human being through patterns (explanations) in our environment can predict behaviors. This essay is intended to analyze that the explanation is a prerequisite for prediction in the areas of natural sciences and mathematics, since I consider that the explanation helps us to be able to investigate more thoroughly about knowledge in general and the absence ofExplanations can lead us to an incorrect prediction.

According to the SAR, the explanation is the declaration of any subject, doctrine or text with clear words or examples, so that it becomes more perceptible. Phenomenon, it also refers to the empirical test of theoretical propositions. Predictability is related to the probability of predicting an event, it has not yet happened and can be explained before it happens. These multiple abilities of description, interpretation and prediction constitute the ‘explanatory power’ of an organization. Theory, or follow Laudan’s position. The ability to solve problems. Laudan is one of the most outstanding philosophers of contemporary science. From 1964 he was an instructor and researcher among the most prestigious departments of Philosophy and History of Sciences.

According to the prediction, it is to announce by revelation, founded knowledge, intuition or conjecture something that has to happen. The explanation is a cognition procedure by which the reason for a statement is manifested. A requirement is an event or state necessary for something. The reason for the facts has to do with the result of reason due to the explanation.

Starting with the first area of knowledge, mathematics is a fundamental reason for us to have a clearer and widespread understanding about the events that occur today. It has been shown that through science most of the concepts of our daily lives require a previous illustration to give it validity;such as the force that attracts us to earth (gravity), a value that is in the conscience of a person based on morals (responsibility). We know that achieving things is an inaccurate science, since we do not know how to explain with certainty the facts that will happen later. Some things turn out to be unnecessary to explain while others still do not have a reasonable explanation.

In a way, most scientists use the predictions of inquiries as a primary mechanism of scientific methods especially when they make assumptions and predict what will happen. At the other extreme is the so -called ‘global warming’, and although the truth behind the theory has not yet been evaluated, many computer models have predicted it.

These predictions can have powerful effects and disturb entire scientific disciplines, such as the Darwin’s correlation hypothesis and evolution, which have secured the investigation in physics and biology for many years. On the other hand, smaller experiments can have a broader impact and allow humans to predict and, therefore, avoid certain future events.

Einstein and Hawking use broad and elegant mathematical theories to predict how they think the cosmos behaves. But in truth, their predictions guide the orientation of all scientific paradigms, empirical physicists try and try to criticize parts of the theory, which produces refinement and change.  

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