It Is Possible To Eliminate Microblading

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It is possible to eliminate microblading


This is one of the most frequent questions that a woman is asked when a microblading or semi -permanent eyebrow shadow process is performed whenever something goes wrong, but we will first talk a little that it is this process of amazing of micropigmentation of eyebrows. Microblading is one of the current trends and aesthetic techniques that is most successful among women in the world, but when there is a bad practice of this technique, it tends to fall into shock, since it is a semi -permanent eyebrow treatment which can have aDuration of 1 to 2 years for their effects to fall apart.


Now that we know a little that this innovative process of microblading or micropigmentation of eyebrows is treated, now let’s talk about how to correct when they do a bad practice on our faces or I simply want to change style and I no longer want to use my eyebrows of thatform.

Microblading practices errors

If in these times you have performed an eyebrow or microblading micropigmentation and the result is something unexpected or at all desired. If not only they have not covered your expectations, but they have a lousy design or a bad handling of colors that make them look very large and without proportion to your face and what you were looking for. In a nutshell a total disaster, and the problem is not only badly made, but you cannot hide them, since they are in view of everyone.

The main errors in the practice of microblading or micropigmentation of eyebrows: they are the fallen tails, unwanted colors such as (very dark eyebrow colors; many times gray, green or bluish; and many other times fallen eyebrows or without shapes. In much of the cases they usually appear more than one in the same person, where appropriate for performing them with people without experience and without a trajectory for saving money. We always recommend that you look for quality and experience that will guarantee the best results for you to have perfect eyebrows and you can presume them with your beauty.

Main techniques to eliminate microblading

Enough to talk about mistakes that have already been made and we can no longer go back. But if your question is possible to eliminate microblading? or if there are ways to eliminate microblading? Our answer is yes, of course you can eliminate a bad practice from microblading and even correct if that is what you want.

Eliminate laser microblading

The main way to eliminate microblading is through the laser, this is the most practical and professional to eliminate them completely, this being the champion par excellence. Using the most current technology, the laser guarantees that any pigment defect in your eyebrows will be removed and corrected in a simple way, since micropigmentation is done in the most superficial part of the skin without altering anything from your face.

But first before proceeding with this process we must first do a specialized study with a dermatologist to check the status of our skin to later go to the corrections of our microblading or failing that the elimination that is what we want.

Considerations to apply this treatment

It is always important that we keep in mind that to perform this procedure we must waitbe in optimal conditions to carry out this process with the laser.

For this task, the treatment of Laser Q-Switched is the most indicated to perform this work because it only focuses on the pigments that we need to correct or in which we want to eliminate, thus respecting the integrity of the skin. This process consists of fragmenting each pigment accumulated in the area, thus facilitating the defects of the previous treatment with ease without being so invasive and without harming the treated skin.

How is the process to eliminate laser microblading

If you are thinking that if it will hurt, it is a painful treatment, but you can ask the specialist to apply topical anesthesia so as not to feel pain. Each session has a duration of at least 25 or 30 minutes and would last approximately 5 to 6 sessions so that the treatment has the most optimal effect possible.

As this process is wide and optimal, between each session there will be a space of 3 or 4 weeks so that it does not affect the skin, but from the first session the difference will already be noticed. After the process you must avoid direct contact with the sunlight, also be exhaustive care with the cleaning of the area to avoid infections and some unwanted effect these cleanings should be performed daily. It is always advisable to be able to have some dermoepidermal cream for your skin at hand.

Other methods to eliminate microblading

We also have other methods to eliminate parts of the microblading and thus correct the errors caused, although these are not as striking and known as the laser are also effective in order to obtain the result we want

Depigmentation or acids

If what you want is to simply correct your eyebrows without losing all the treatment in which you invest. This is the solution. This process consists of applying on the area to correct various depigmentation products for the skin through the same procedure and machinery with which microblading was applied. This method is to correct specific areas such as the start of the eyebrow, it is not recommended to apply for the complete erase of micropigmentation, since it is very aggressive for the skin if it is executed in wide areas of the face.


If what did not like our treatment was the color that is as a result of a bad practice of microblading, that is, gray color;greenish;bluish and without definition. We can always go to this procedure that is known by the women of the world. This consists of applying various qualification products to compensate and balance the color of our pigmentation without losing the work that was previously done, this procedure is also carried out with the micropigmentation machine.

For everything there is always a solution even for microblading, although this is a widely used beauty treatment worldThese methods of correction or elimination so that if you suffer from a bad praxis you know what to do.

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