Isaac Newton Impact On The Scientific Revolution

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Isaac Newton Impact on the Scientific Revolution


During this work on the forum, I will be presenting information about the scientific revolution. We will identify two characters from the scientific revolution and see that scientific advances are still used and how the proposed by these two characters today have impacted. We will have the opportunity to know how the discoveries of these two people have inspired today scientists and analyze whether the revolution is still in force or has come to an end.


Scientific advances currently used

One of the scientific advances that is still used is by the revolutionary Galileo Galilei and are the research on the movement of our satellite. Telescopes continues to observe and study the moon, planets, stars, space bodies, asteroids, galaxies, and everything that is related to space and the universe. At present, the contributions made by Isaac Newton, such as integral and differential calculation, studies on nature, geometry, among others, among others, are still used. Thanks to the contributions of scientists, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei today know what astronomy is. These two scientists have given a advance to science so that we can continue studying everything related to the moon, planets, mathematics, experiments, among other things. Newton hit science with the law of gravity. Galileo impact astronomy with his research on the moon.

Impact of Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei today

Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei have currently impacted with several things such as astronomy. These two scientists have given an impact and advance to science so that we can continue studying everything related to the moon, planets, mathematics, experiments, among other things. Newton hit science with the law of gravity. Galileo impact astronomy with his research on the moon and Galileo Galilei discovered numerous physical laws such as the law of the trajectory of projectiles, with this formulo the principle of dynamics. Thanks to Galileo today we can contemplate the planets that surround us and discover new planets, since it is responsible for perfecting the telescope. At present, its career law is used in the militia and in law and order agencies, in the military field we have a new system in which we can calculate through the trajectory of a projectile, from where it was triggered, bymeans of this system neutralizes the threat without exposing the life of the soldiers. Isaac Newton Public The work Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, use Johannes Kepler’s theory on planetary movements, deduced the Universal Gravitation Law: “Each particle of matter of the universe attracts the other particles with a force that varies inversely to the squareof the distance that wings separates and in direct proportion with the product of its masses ”. Newton created superior mathematics, elaborated instruments, infinitesimal calculation, modern optimal and defined the laws of movement.

Validity of the scientific revolution today

In me thinking I think that the scientific revolution is in force, since every day they discover new things that expand the knowledge and curiosity of the human being. Just as these two scientists contributed these events to science, today’s humanity will continue to do so to continue investigating things that are not totally clear. Every day we use these contributions without realizing it, such as experiments to be able to deduce a problem or situation we have or to investigate an event. Day by day we continue discovering new horizons, we continue in the search for why, the new theories of why things continue to be reborn, we continue looking beyond the stars in search of new worlds. The scientific revolution will always be responsible for the human being continuing to evolve through discoveries and the desire to know why things.


In conclusion, these contributions have great value for science, since thanks to these scientists and their intrigue about things without explanation today we have the knowledge of what they are truly. The scientific revolution has been responsible for man having exceeded his borders, through the inspiration of these two characters we have been able to know how the world around us is. We can also see through instruments such as telescope, such as our planetary system and how it works. Thanks to these two characters, the human being has evolved and we have not turned to what we have in front. If it were not for this period we did not have the world we have today, we did not have the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we would not have evolved. Every day more experiments and contributions will arise to this world and expand our knowledge about the new things that arise every day.

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