Intimidation And School Bullying

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Intimidation and school bullying


Discrimination is nothing more than unequal treatment towards a person or several people either for religious, racial, political, age, age, sex, sexual orientation, among others, among others. With this set of actions we make other people feel bad and end up damaging their self – esteem.

Here we will also talk about bullying which is also known as bullying. In the first place we already know the meaning of bullying and secondly we will mention some of its types to make known how we can identify these problems and be able to avoid it in time.


Bullying or bullybad and belittle your victims.

‘‘ Bullying ’’ English word that means intimidation. It is a word that unfortunately today is fashionable due to the vast majority of persecutions and aggressions that are coming to light in the school environment, this is taking most students to live truly uncomfortable and scary situations.

Bullying refers to all forms of aggressive, repeated and intentional attitudes that occur without any obvious reason, adopted by one or more students against another or others or others.

Types of bullying



In this type of abuse, the victimizer directly attacks through considerable aggressions to his victim, the most common mistreathome, sport, school etc.

In addition, this type of bullying can occur indirectly this happens when the perpetrator does not directly attack the body of his victim but rather is responsible for destroying his clothes, work tools or rather is responsible for destroying each personal object that he hasthe victim.


It is always heard saying the power that words possess when receiving or waiting for some benefit, but to commit abuse, the power of the use of the same is also present. This type of bullying focuses its attack on the self – esteem of the abused person and can thus harm him.

There are different ways of verbal aggression, but we will only quote some of the most common are: defamation, inappropriate words to the public, humiliations, abuse through messages through social networks or via telephone calls, inappropriate language, revelations of secrets, etc.


This type of bullying happens when the victimizer manages to intimidate or manipulate his victim thus achieving all the benefit of the fear that he can cause in it and thus be able to profit from the victim, force him to have to do or say things outside his tastesAnd duties, one of the sources of employment of this type of abuse is the bribe by some secret that cannot be revealed or simply by knowing the psychological weaknesses of the victim.


In this type of abuse, it despises itself, the victim is underestimated, underestimated and excluded in this type of bullying there is more than a victimizer that in most cases the victim is mistreated by a whole group or public entityand private.

This abuse makes a total disqualification to its victim either because of its nationality, skin color, economic level, beliefs and preferences.


It is very important that parents or guardians pay close attention to these aspects, since this type of problem has become one of the parents’ great concerns (and expected).

Mainly the changes that are noted are in behavior, when it has these very abrupt humor changes or fear going to school, since they are afraid to suffer that harassment again, most of the time the victims 

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