International Negotiation Considered A Benefit For Colombia

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International negotiation considered a benefit for Colombia

From the exchange of things so basic for subsistence in the past to the total opening of borders and negotiation of tons of goods that go from one place to another now. The negotiation was present from the primitive peoples, humanity having more needs created both maritime and land transport systems and then having the need for monetization creating monetary systems to facilitate the exchange, the first longest route that was in the year is created100 a.C. Where China and the Roman Empire exchanged silk, between 1740 and 1914 the industrial revolution begins and trade is multiplied by five to basically have almost completely open markets, international businesses are processes and agreements that are always being modernized and updated by generating wealth, Jobs, relationships, higher GDPs and economies more solid and stable at the same time of an increasing Way of supplying them, it is clear that international businesses are a huge pillar in current economies and that thanks to them we live in a broad and diversified market that supplies our consumption needs, when in 1846 before the crisis of harvests in Great Britain and To avoid a great Britain famine decides to abolish tariffs and ask for help from other European countries since their Pliring food for the population until currently generating huge markets that supply any type of product These processes are beneficial in general, despite enriching and generating millions of jobs, it also generates the expulsion of small entrepreneurs and people who cannot handle huge productions or lower prices.

Colombia had traditionally operated in a market closed to exports and imports and protected through tariff measures, until 1990 and 1994, the Ministry of Foreign Trade through Law 07 January 16, 1991, reduced tariffs and barriers to trade,He opened the doors to foreign investment, promoted the first free zone of commerce in the American continent, strengthened the role of the private sector and undertaken plans for the infrastructure of ports, roads and communications. That is considered the beginning of globalization in the Colombian economy. 

At first the population and the country benefit to the extent that products and services can be acquired at lower costs and perhaps of better quality, however, in the long term, this is not so positive since to the extent that it is purchased and acquiredThese long -term products and services would generate negative effects on local employment and local industry also that a country such as Colombia that often does not have the capacity and element to generate many products and export to higher levels as the large ones dopowers or developed countries generates an internal crisis where the country matters more than exports generating a commercial deficit and little protection to the national economy and production.

Which generates a great point against, the benefits that these processes bring and agree that it is necessary to be updated and a globalized country in these times are innumerable, but due precautions and measures must be taken when it comes to the time ofProtect the internal to prevent foreign products or services from knocking down nationals and destroying national value creating unemployment and extremely rich monopolies that direct, especially. 

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