I Want To Be Like Beckham And Stereotypes In Force In The 21st Century

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I want to be like Beckham and stereotypes in force in the 21st century

In the movie, I want to be like Beckham the director addresses various issues that have a great impact on Western societies. Thus, for example, matters such as the construction of national and individual identity, integration, exclusion phenomena and minority self-extinguishing, generational clashes, etc. The film criticizes stereotypes still in force in the S. XXI and to discrimination of any kind.

Among the main themes that are criticized, in the first place, the gender roles to which the protagonists are subjected to and that condition them to get their dream of professional players are submitted. Gender and its intercultural demands is one of the key factors of discrimination today and thus exposes itself in the film. As an example of the social demand of gender roles, we find at the beginning of the film an illustrative scene of this phenomenon in which the British protagonist of purchases with her mother appears. This is pressed to buy fasteners who enhance the chest, instead of buying sports fasteners, which is what she really likes. In addition, throughout the movie the mother’s multiple attempts are also shown because her daughter leaves football because as she tells no man like that and if she continues to play football she will end up "single as the only one who wasSpice Girls athlete ". The mother of the Hindu protagonist also constantly insists throughout the film in which football is left because her future mother -in. These gender roles exert pressure on people who must adapt to them and stick exclusively to fulfill that of their role, that is, not to get out of socially established guidelines. Consequently, I believe that this social pressure should disappear through the abolition of canons and the roles of genres anchored in our society. A change is necessary to end the submission to gender roles and that lies in our mentality, we must learn not to classify things based on the "most appropriate" genre for them.

In addition, throughout the film there are other situations of discrimination but, in this case, caused by nationality and religion. The majority of the characters report some time when they have suffered discrimination due to their ethnicity and origins, as is the case of Jess’s father who tells the discrimination and teasing he suffered when he was not allowed to play the Crick in England in Englandbe Indian. In my opinion, in coexistence is wisdom. Learning to live with other cultures gives us multiple mutual benefits, learning new traditions, language or customs. To end discrimination situations, you must reflect and conclude that coexistence between cultures provides great general knowledge.

As another important issue, still present in Western societies, identity conflicts are shown in which the protagonist, of Indian offspring, must face a dominant culture, such as English, and in turn must also face previous generationsto his, as is that of his mother. The protagonist must adapt to the new country and new customs but without forgetting her country of origin. From my point of view, as we have read in the book of murderous identities, identity are not the country of origin, the native language or the religion to which a person belongs but that identity is the set of experiences that a personHe has lived to the lengths of his life thus acquiring a part of herself in each situation. Thus, the protagonist has an identity marked by her Hindu origin and for her experiences in England, and therefore, she adapts to the new country without abandoning her roots.

Finally, a generational clash is named that can be observed in the admiration of the Indian protagonist towards her religion while towards David Beckham. This generational shock shows us that adapting to a new lifestyle, in this westernmost case, does not involve forgetting the traditions. In my opinion there must be a correct balance between tradition and new customs. Consequently, we should not get stuck in the past for fear of opening new experiences, but this also means that not to open and adapt to new social changes, let’s forget our original traditions.

Without any doubt, I would recommend the film due to the criticism of stereotypes still in force in the S. XXI and the consequent reflection that forces us to make about our society. Themes addressed in the film should be changed such as gender roles, discrimination, identity conflicts and generational clash. The key to a correct coexistence is found in the solution to these problems. 

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