History Of Psychology And Different Types Of Behaviors

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History of psychology and different types of behaviors


As we know psychology was one of the sciences that had a great impact on society years ago as at present, given its great importance in knowing the human being, to be able to meet their needs and be able to help him in some way to find happiness andfeeling good about yourself. This is why in the next essay I will talk about the history of psychology, its first origins, the evolution that it had to become science, some main precursors and the main psychological currents from this change that marked its history.

Psychology had to go through a process of evolution in history, it was born in the nineteenth century when it was not yet considered a science, that is why there was no privilege of studying it thoroughly in coming from Greek words Physique>Alma and Logo> Study was defined as the study of the soul, it was related to philosophy by having a study approach mainly focused on the human being analyzing their mind feelings, thoughts. Its main precursors made contributions for the development of psychology as Aristotle considered the father of psychology totally denies that the body and the love were separated, since they complemented themselves to fulfill functions in the human body due to this, I thought that the soul wasWhat we admit, what we live and feel establishes 3 classes of souls: rationConcupiscible is one that is freer in which our needs, pleasures, desires and is located in the abdomen is located.

Plato divides the soul into 3 parts, rational soul is only. Vegetative soul present in plants that prioritize their elementary or basic needs such as reproduction, growth and food. The mathematical philosopher Descartes discovers the method of methodical doubt "Cogito Ergo Sum" I think then I exist for what the human being exists because he thinks and doubt.


Psychology as science

At this time, psychology separates from philosophy and transforms into science in the years of 1879 thanks to Wilhelm Wundt by creating the first experimental of psychology in Leipzig, Germany considering him father of scientific psychology, thanks to this some psychological currents are createdrepresentative to the nineteenth and twentieth century by explaining behavior, human behavior and mind.


Wundt conducts its study based on consciousness and structure which are the sensations corresponding to the organs of the senses, images and feelings using as a method the introspection thus achieving that there is a self-observation or author internal reflection and that you understand how it really feelsperson.


William James opens to functionalism is based on the functions of consciousness, how, why by using a mental association, it is also established that knowledge is the product of experience and the human being acts with it because when performing routinesWe do them without thinking, and every time our brain tries to make them in the best way to make it a habit or custom.


One of the currents that had the most strength, is based on the study of behavior that can be measured and observed its creator Watson discovers through an experimental method that every stimulus produces an answer, two types of conditioning appear, the classic by Pavlov and theOperating by Skinner. Classic conditioning corresponds to a form of learning to the established stimulus-response model and the behavior obtained is involuntarily obtaining a union between stimuli.

Skinner shares the idea of ​​conditioning and adds one more element the reinforcement or reward, that is why it establishes that the behavior that is desired to be achieved is achieved through this model and the reward, since all agreed that knowledge is based on the experience and that the behavior of the human being can be modified through conditioning.


This current is considered the second force, since it had a great impact on society is developed by Freud studies the unconscious and what exists in it as prohibited desires, traumas, the needs that are not covered is why this is why Use psychoanalysis to get to the beginning of the problem and give it a cure through the word, that is, use words associations for a possible interpretation of what is actually trying to say just like Freud makes use of the interpretation of dreams in which they begin to analyze each one trying to decipher those repressed desires that can arise from the childhood stage. Also discover the defense mechanisms, unconscious forms that our mind uses to repress in situations that are not favorable for us as in a conflict, irritation that help control our behavior against them. Some of these mechanisms are the projection that is based on projecting our errors to others, distortion in which we attribute qualities or defects that are not typical of us for what are non -existent, regression when we use this element to return in time byexample when a family have a child and decide to have another child, the child not receiving the same attention that he had previously begins to act as a baby to feel included. Repression, a form of defense that the human being uses to exclude the pain or situations that affect it, this causes me to stop thinking about it to the point where you can forget what happened


Psychology can be established as one of the sciences that has been able to study the human being in its background from ancient times thanks to it we can understand the human being in its entirety and ways in which we can help him overcome problems I think that he alsoThat other sciences will continue to evolve with great methods that allow us to obtain more knowledge about the functioning of our mind, explanations of behaviors that are not usual that we use when we feel helpless or in situations that we cannot cope with,


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