History Of Mathematical Education

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History of mathematical education


In this work we will be dealing with the origins of mathematics and their application, that is, as these are born and in which field it applies. The word mathematics comes from the Greek Mathama, which means that it is a science, knowledge or learning. The etymology of this word is the science that is responsible for studying the different properties of abstract entities such as the numbers, geometric, figures, among others, as well as the connection that exists between these.

The first mathematical symbols originated in ancient Greece and as we previously saw that the word comes from there, since it had its beginnings in that city. This can be applied in different fields such as in different areas of medicine, scientific research, political science, social sciences, in history, in natural sciences among others.

We already know that there are many people who are fond of this science, who love to solve problems and equations of different types, but there are also others who would not have to have to use it because for them mathematics is something difficult to understand. But therefore we know that the world would be nothing without this distinguished science, it would be difficult to find solutions to the problems that surround us without it. Mathematics is one of the sciences that is used by human being in its day to day and is something that has always been seen.


This work will be done in order to know much more the origins of mathematics, in order to have knowledge of how the number arose, and how these are applied in varieties of situations.

The different methodologies used that explain the teaching of mathematics have mainly supported the importance of giving the student a definition or formula, so that exercises are subsequently resolved following imitation models, that is, following examples as a guide without beinggive a clear explanation of the same.


The study of mathematics has advanced considerably since ancient times and today there are many much more complex formulas and notions. Now there is a fundamental element at all times. This element is the numbers. The numbering appeared in different places on the planet, developed by civilizations that had no contact, for more or less the same period of time.

The symbols that were invented at that time do not resemble those we used in the 21st century. For example, in the ancient Egyptian culture they used a numerical system in which they identified the number by means of symbols or drawings and objects in which the number "1" was a stick, the "10" was a kind of inverted "U" invertedAnd the "100" was drawn with a spiral.

The inhabitants of the ancient Babylon used a similar system, but with some icons other than those of Egypt. And it is exactly where the oldest mathematical documents in history were found, the so -called Susa and Uruk tablets (in the current Iraq). Experts estimate that these tablets were created around 2200ac.

With the passage of time, mathematical systems became more complex. The ancient Greeks were the first to use letters as symbols and relate them to numbers: the alpha letter was a "1", the beta was a "2" and so on. The Romans went a step further and used the numbers to have a time control, they used the so -called Roman numbers. So much so, that we still use your numbering to write certain dates, as the centuries.

Ancient scientists understood that the numbers were very useful to describe the world around them and began to develop theorems: mathematical formulas to calculate the size of the buildings or the distance between two ships. The introduction of algebra meant a definitive leap in mathematics, when combining numbers with letters and variables to perform abstract calculations. Algebra was one of the legacies of Muslim culture, of which we have also inherited the current numbers.

The role of mathematics today

From the first theorems to the present, mathematics has been one of the main allies that helps the human development of people, so much so that it gave way to great achievements such as the development of architecture, chemistry or physics. The main advances in the field of technology or health would not have produced without the most elementary mathematical laws.

In full digital age, we sometimes forget that the Internet started with a handful of "1" and "0" combined in a computer in which they fulfill the main function, since it is thanks to these two numbers that a computer can work. In Medicine Mathematics are applied in different fields as in dosage in this mathematics to know the quantity and use of medication, in radiology, in laboratories, since in them the values of the majorities of the results are innumbers


Mathematics is a logical method that allows us to advance in any field of society such as at work, at home, at school or university allowing us to solve questions to which we have not yet been able to find an explanation. As Galileo said: the world is made of mathematical language. It is not seen with the naked eye, but if you pay attention, you will end up realizing it.  

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