Historical Review Of Capitalism: Intervention From The United States To Nicaragua

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Historical Review of Capitalism: Intervention from the United States to Nicaragua


To get to the North American intervention in Nicaragua. All this is unleashed in the twentieth century in capitalist countries due to its high production and banking elevation, industrial and banking monopolies begin.

Monopolization focused more on technology and this because the most powerful companies had the power to monopolize technology and with this it led to the capitalist economy, among these themselves were developing the omnipotent monopolies themselves that stayed with all monetary capitalof companies, all means of production among others.

And likewise this was being given in all those commercial and industrial sectors, with turn causing great changes that are many different from the old capitalism, one of the great characteristics was all the exchange it had within the internationalist system, and also giving rise to thecapital export, this occurs in order to see due to the needs and conflicts between imperialist countries, since these are involved in the large capital accumulation.


Due to all these aforementioned conflicts, it is when the United States highlights the entire capitalist process that was carried out, the United States as it was known due to many of the problems caused by capitalism as huge bleeding in industrial resources or intervention of large owners thatThey always opposed economic interests, it is when after the secession war if he saw free, EE. UU. of the aforementioned.

The United States had a strategy to dominate the Nicaraguan country, with this the eviction of the influence of England was intended and cause the fall of the government of General José Santos Zelaya. It was about being able to have a homogeneous influence and this favor the order of commercial exchanges, as well as preventing the confrontation between nations, not being able to be entitled, or that was not fulfilled through industrial powers and thus develop autonomy in allthose Central American republics.

As a result of the fall of General Zelaya, the country of Nicaragua is influenced by the bankers of New York, it is worth mentioning that as an important point of interest between Zelaya and the United States was the Central American Union, before this the president at that time Adolfo DíazIt refers to the United States Department asking for a special clause in the Weitzel-Chamorro Treaty to be included, making Nicaragua a protectorate of the United States.

The United States and the financial sector had a very functional relationship that benefited the development of the United States and this allowed to develop a credit system this same indispensable for the economy. It is here when the United States was able to take power to the economy of Nicaragua, as it is known since time ago as Central American Independence United States had in priority to be able to control Nicaragua, and that is when it enters for the benefit of it and a more stable financial capital,This intervention begins in 1909 onwards.

Zelaya and the United States sought beneficence for their people as well as the Central American Union under their hegemony and the Atlantic Railway and the United States Unification of the area to do their proceedings, it should be noted that the United States opponent was England. The Central American government began to take interest in these ambitions from Zelaya and that is when Washington protects the cause of the rebels they had their main base in Bluefields. The United States did not see Nicaragua’s response to protect its domain pressures, and at the same time Zelaya was closing American concessions and this was not complacency for the American State Department.


In 1893, in which Zelaya took power, the leaders of the conservative party prepared armed uprisings, of these Zelay1899 led by Juan Pablo Reyes, the Lake Revolution and that of the Atlantic Coast. The purpose of the conservatives was for the US government to support them in their claims to govern the Republic of Nicaragua. Among his strategies was to overthrow Zelaya and be able to eliminate financial chaos. 

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