Evolution Of Olympic Games

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Evolution of Olympic Games

In these games, the number of official sports up to 25 was increased, which were organized in 257 events. Among these, we must highlight the incorporation into the program by the Baseball and the Badminton and the recovery of canoeing in Slalon (which was not held from the Munich Olympics of 1972) as well as the category of Judo Women3.000 meters of female march and 50 meters free in swimming. The competitions were carried out on July 25 and August 9, election propitiated by the weather and the low air pollution related to the low car trafficking in the city center since this is a holiday period in which muchof the Barcelona population marched on vacation outside the city.

Then, the initial sports program of the Games, would be divided according to sexes:

Sports with male and female category: gymnastics cycling, basketball, handball, fencing, equestrian, athletics, hockey on grass, swimming, rowing, canoeing, shooting and archery, volleyball, candle and judo, which, as already hasmentioned, the female category was added this year.

Sports that only had male category: modern pentathlon, fight, football and boxing

Among these programmed sports, exhibition sports such as hockey with skates were also added, very practiced in Catalonia and the Basque ball as national sports and taekwondo as international sport.

Apart from this, the regulation was modified so that electronic control improvements could be added and color change in certain elements to improve its visibility for television broadcasts were proceeded.

Finally, although normally, the JJ.Oo sport par excellence is usually athletics, but in view of the great popularity in Spain of football, this sport was the most attracted to the public’s attention.


For the selection of athletes, it was arranged that each committee recognized by the IOC couldYour official Olympic card.

It is noteworthy that after 32 years without participating in Olympics for Apartheid, South Africa resumed its participation in these games of the year 92 after its abolition, as well as Yugoslavia participated with its athletes acting part of the country (under the Olympic flag) as thisIt was not accepted by the Balkan War. Albania returns too.

Then, given the great participation received in these games, Barcelona exceeded the record of nations (169 participating nations), Olympic tests and athletes (9356 athletes) that had previously been established in the Seoul Olympics of the year 88. 

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