Events After The Death Of Cleopatra

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Events after the death of Cleopatra


To what extent did Cleopatra’s death influence.C? The objective of the investigation is to know the answer to the question: to what extent did Cleopatra’s death influence.c? For this, primary and secondary bibliographic sources will be used, using data collection methods and the analysis and evaluation of the data obtained. After obtaining this data, everything related to the subject begins to be described and the question in an objective and clear way to make the fall of Egypt known in a better way. Cleopatra’s known romances had an outstanding role in Roman history.

That is why military leaders will be studied such as Marco Antonio and Octavio. The main authors for the base of this research are, the writer, Oscar Von Wertheimer and the French historian Maurice Sartre. Oscar von Wertheimer was an Austrian writer of Jewish origin. Specialized in historical novels, he wrote various works of romantic and betrayal events, being translated throughout the world. The purpose is to publicize in his works Egyptian life in the 36-45 years.C, writing his book Cleopatra in 1930, which was the year of greatest boom on the life of the emperor. Wertheimer’s book presents several extracts of the time and conversations that Cleopatra had with different Roman generals and her romance.


This book I give myself a lot The research process, being a subjective and objective source. Oscar von Wertheimer, Cleopatra 1935. Maurice Sartre, is a French writer specializing in the history of the Greek and Roman world of the East, especially the Middle East. His purpose is to publicize what happened in Egypt after the invasion, where, this book is considered a secondary source, one of his limitations is that his extracts are more general. 

However, it contributes with lush information of the time in how much the invasion, what is related to before the taking of Egypt will work with complementary sources, being an objective and subjective source in different aspects. "Ptolemy XII who demonstrated an ignored interest towards the Egyptian population" (Vázques), Egypt in those times of Ptolemy XII did not have the greatest boom in economic and territorial growth. It should be noted that there was an alleged agreement that was written by the predecessor of him Ptolemy XI. In which he bequeathed Egypt to Rome. Followed by this Ptolemy XII joins in marriage with a woman of whom nothing is known about it.

They formed a peaceful reign of which Cleopatra and Tolasto was born. "Cleopatra, whose name means‘ glory of her father ’, was born during the winter from 10 to 12 to.C. In the capital of Egypt, Alexandria. Her father was Ptolemy XII ”(Geographic). During her childhood she received a fundamentally Hellenistic education specializing in different languages ​​such as Egyptian, Ethiopian etc.After her death, her brother’s brother and Cleopatra ascend to the throne, but her brother overthrow him from power. But then Cleopatra returns with an army provided by Julio César and kills her brother and becomes the youngest queen in Egypt.

It should be noted that the exact date on which Cleopatra to the throne (Ferrer) was not known. After Cleopatra Acenso on the throne according to the historian Oscar Von Wertheimer. Egypt had an important boom in the economy, agriculture and in the territory sense since Cleopatra always tried to see the best for the people of it, in addition to winning the viper title for its character. Since she was a determined and intelligent woman. She having a library where she could study and enlarge her knowledge.  After ascending to the throne she was known as a Sagas and strong woman, winning the respect of most civilizations such as the youngest pharaoh of her time, also known as she is the most beautiful.

Seductive and intelligent of the time. She her desire was to deliver Egypt as she received from her ancestors (Wertheimer). She also wanted to change the patriarchal system to which women were governed, during her reign in Egypt, projecting a female leadership model that soon established it as one of the greatest references. After the missions Marco Antonio performance for Rome in Egypt. She meets Cleopatra who, seeing her from her, falls in love with her, about this passion she grew the politics. To this was due to the enlargement of her kingdom, she was aware that if she stopped working. (Wertheimer). 

After this visit from Marco Antonio to Egypt he fell in love with Cleopatra, she also wanted go crazy to Marco Antonio. After a short time in Egypt, Marco Antonio Performa the charges of Cuestor, Tribuno, Cavalry and Consul Commander. "Herod, is the important and courage of Cleopatra throughout the East, the only prince who knew how to stay in Gracia de Marco Antonio despite all the hostile handles of the queen of Egypt". 

When Cleopatra was in Alejandrina, she found that they fought two games between Cicero and Octavio against Marco Antonio just when Rome organized the triumviros, for this reason Cleopatra had to be immersed in wars. In addition, the enemy knew the East for the inexhaustible riches of her and this put Cleopatra alert so that they do not try to invade their territories. This is why Marco Antonio gathered about 100.000 man among them 60.000 Italian legionaries, to ally with Cleopatra. Thus forming an invincible force throughout the East. In the same way, the unbridled victories that the Army of Cleopatra and Marco Antonio had.

He proceeded to the distribution of Asia between Cleopatra and his children constituting the height of the triumph in which he saw his hopes almost made and also represented the maximum that Marco Antonio could grant through his influence, in addition the Egyptian emperor what he was looking for was silver and gold to fill His trunk and improve the people as their ancestors would have wanted it. Cleopatra also built thrones under her and Marco Antonio for her children, on the first 13 -year -old Cesarion and on the second step the thrones of the twins. Alejandrohelia and Cleopatra-Selene who were six years old. Based on the appointment I can observe that Cleopatra after seeing all the lands achieved thanks to Marco Antonio.

He thought that if he invaded Rome would be the queen of the entire East, and on the point he was about to achieve it but unfortunately Octavio appeared as a hero for his incredible feats and was decided to defeat Egypt, on the other hand Cleopatra with all his gold began to Get them in luxuries for her Marco Antonio and her children. Cleopatra decided to retire from the battlefield on a ship, Marco Antonio when he saw this ran after his beloved, leaving only his entire army. Octavio, noticing him makes flames in flames to try to stop enemy ships and be able to kill Marco Antonio, but his attempt to stop them fails and Cleopatra next to Marco Antonio Huyen. 

Navigating three days they reached the tip of the south of the Peloponneso, where she had the reconciliation of the lovers. As can be evidenced in the appointment, Octavio after the withdrawal of Marco Antonio, I consider it a victory for Rome, and began to seize the legions left behind Marco Antonio. Cleopatra upon learning that Marco Antonio kept fighting for Egypt she decides to flee. But for fear of dying on the battlefield she resolves to stay in a grave. But Marco Antonio arrived erroneous information on the battlefield, "Cleopatra died" he announced one of his soldiers and when he learned he suicide with his own sword, condemning Egypt to live under Roman power. 

Cleopatra many times attempt to commit suicide but Octavio did not allow it, until they let her out of her to visit Marco Antonio in her tomb and after that she is injected by poison, leaving Egypt all without a new successor to the throne. (Sartre). All the efforts of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra to defend Egypt were useless. Since Octavio took advantage of Cleopatra’s love to attack her army and get all the wealth of Egypt. “Rome seized Egypt forming new laws and implementing new customs’. Rome also put Roman emperors to govern those lands since this also had a papyrus where Ptolemy XI that bequeathed the Egyptian lands to Rome. 

For this reason they began to implement new laws, they also raised the tax to fill the trunks of Rome, and rebuild the city to be one of the most powerful in soldiers, armament and in the economy of the entire east. It can be concluded that Cleopatra’s death if she had a great influence. So that the Romans invade Egypt between the 40-50s to.Cleopatra at the time of allying with Marco Antonio achieved an exceptional economic and territorial boom that she wanted, from that moment that Cleopatra floor Roman lands along with her and Marco Antonio soldiers, led to the outrage of all Rome.

After finishing the conflicts between Rome and Egypt Cleopatra after the death of Marco Antonio Opto in committing suicide, leaving Egypt unprotected since the soldiers did not have a sovereign and if they fight it, it was very likely that the entire army quickly gave up, in addition Octavio did not let No one ascends to the throne.  One for there being an agreement they had with the previous Emperor Ptolemy XI. Which wrote that the Egyptian lands will be delivered to Rome and because the position that remained in Egypt would belong to a Roman emperor and the lands to all Rome. In addition to taking advantage of their land and trade routes to benefit economically. 


Responding, it can be identified that Cleopatra’s death influenced a high high measure since by his greedy Egypt fell and said half high since there was a treaty that claimed to give Egyptian land to Rome and for that reason Rome began to establish new routes of trade and explorations to increase your income. At the time of doing my research, I am very frustrated so I did not get true information on my subject, sometimes I thought about changing the subject and with it the question, but then I found a lot of information thanks to the fact that we went to visit the universities of Quito, so that we know what we need from the libraries they have and we can discern the information.

But I was presented with another problem that was that on many occasions the years did not coincide, but try to solve them seeing which years they are repeated and choosing those, after the research he did realized that the information we have at the hand that is the internet , many of the time they are not reliable since people who do this are not prepared for most and this does not help my research at all, I could also identify that the information many of the time is not at hand, I had to Buying a book and going out many kiss Quito to universities, but for me it is very important, since it helps expand knowledge and also helps identify sources.


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