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ration as the time rate of change of velocity. What other equation for acceleration is given in this chapter? A=f/m A(acceleration)=F(force)/m(mass). If two quantities are inversely proportional to each other, does that mean as one increases the other increases also? No, if one increases the other decreases. No, if one increases the other decreases If the mass of a sliding block is tripled at the same time the net force on it is tripled, how does the resulting acceleration compare with the original acceleration? It will not change Suppose you exert a horizontal push on a crate that rests on a level floor, and it doesn’t move. How much friction acts compared with your push? The...

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ratio= Current Assets/ Current Liabilities. The current ratio of Strong-Tie Ltd is 2006 was 5.0, 4.2 in 2007 and 3.1 in 2008. This can be a worrying trend because the ratio is decreasing yearly, but it can it also be good in that the company is using its current assets to pay for the short-term debts and is not risking bankruptcy. Asset Management Asset management is how the company controls it cash, manages the opportunities and risks to maintain a healthy asset base. The asset management of Strong Tie Ltd can be analyzed using its asset turnover ratio which shows how the company is using its assets to generate income. Asset turnover= Sales / Total assets. In 2006 the turnover over was 1.41,...

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Ratios in Accounting) Question 1. The current ratio for Potz and Pans has been calculated as 5.00:1 whereas the current ratio for WannaBees has been calculated as 1.76:1. Based on these results, it is prudent to assume that Potz and Pans is most likely to get the loan, although WannaBees also has good results. This is because the ratio is a measure of a company's capacity to meet its financial obligations. Both companies have current ratio figures greater than 1 to indicate that their assets are greater than the liabilities. Given that Potz and Pans has the highest ratio, it can be inferred that this is an indication that the company is financially well off. Still, the figures must be approached...

ration of the distillation column involved the use of three steam flow rates and three reflux ratios for each power, with an efficiency of 1.5. The objective of the investigation was to examine how the distillation column behaves during the separation of methanol and 2-propanol. The temperatures, the liquid level in the reboiler, and the solution compositions were all checked during the operation. Since the solution at the plant had 75 mol % methanol and 25 mol% 2-propanol, the design had to produce steam of at least 85% methanol, and 98% distillate. The results revealed that when the distillation column was operated at 455 MJ/h; the reflux ratio was recorded as 2.07. Also, the flow rates at the...